Cracker Jack Smiles

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  1. Vangelis

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    Cracker Jack Smiles by Lee T.
    December 1 2005

    Snow fell fervently from the heavens,
    Turning the streets of Boston into
    A winters' paradise, yet there were only,
    snowflakes covered an inch of her beautiful
    brown hair, spread in curls and pretty daisy locks,
    As I saw her stroll by the miniaturized shops;
    Her eyes eager for love to one day pass her by.

    They may not be the figurines in the window,
    Or the ornate stare I had in my eyes,
    Glancing every inch from head to toe,
    like a prized possession, the shapes
    of her rosy cheeks, filling with anticipation;
    Perhaps love lurked around a corner,
    Underneath a starless sky waiting for a wish.

    I stood low-key next to the red brick walls,
    Worn with age through the relentless assault of time,
    Watching her every step; a stride so cautious,
    a continuous beat of her heart, showed the warmth
    from inside the cold windy shadows;
    Frosted limelight through her breath as she peered
    Into the glass coffin with a bow and laced tag.

    The little button nose, the cold beady eyes,
    Could only stare back, with open arms,
    Blind to her advances, as she shells out a few dollars,
    and the owner wraps its up, fitted with a fancy bow,
    so it would look nice under the Christmas tree;
    Time will fly by as the days grow older,
    With the child's newfound toy to have tea with.

    And what about me, the figure standing against
    an icy grip in the wind, the threads hanging lose
    by my side, as misuse wore on till the very last;
    I won't be seeing warm fireplaces or having hot tea
    with my other playmates, as the love passes me by,
    Only to have you pity me on the inside,
    Leaving me stranded, alone in winter's paradise.

    (This poem was written in the eyes of a person that feels like a used teddy bear...)
  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Excellent! Very descriptive.
  3. Vangelis

    Vangelis Well-Known Member

    Hey pit, thanks for reading! Glad you liked!
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