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I let myself run out of pills. I just realized tonight. I had a manic week despite my meds and my doctor advised I just take 2 daily rather than one... and I didn't make it to the state I already have a doctor in before I ran out. Guess we'll see how this goes till I can get more.


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What is it that you're out of?
You can often refill at certain pharmacies regardless of what state you're in, like CVS / Walgreens


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I only have insurance in one state. It's not super expensive, I just have to have a doctor to send the script.... actually... I might have refills in the state I was in over the winter that I can have sent up to another Walgreens! You might have reminded me id the solution @Walker !!


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I hope you find a solution soon, you're not going to feel stable if you go into withdrawal so its of high importance you do all you can to get a refill, best of luck and please let us know how you get on.

If it gets to the point that you can't get a refill, go to the emergency room and explain the situation, they might be able to help.


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I was able to have meds sent up, paid for them out of pocket, but found a GoodRx coupon that saved me 50%! Now I have a phone consult tomorrow with my doctor from a couple years ago who I like very much. I'll re establish as her patient and get meds going here.
Going off of them, even just for a few days, got me kind of depressive. It's messed up, they take a month to build up but only a few days to start wearing off. Running out of meds is what brought me to this site. So I've just been sleeping and talking to you guys and trying to take it in stride.
Thanks for being here with me!


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Missed this thread. Glad you got that worked out @Sevven. Meds are weird that way. I can miss just one dose and I find that I'm wonky. About 4 hrs after I should have taken it I get moody, and slightly unreasonable. I would say that's all in my head, but I don't even realize I missed it until I realize I'm being weird. It's really good you were able to get to sorted and get back on your meds. Walgreens is great like that, and GoodRx is life saver. I recommend it for everyone.

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