Crappy day today...

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    don't have much self control. I hate to admit it. But I hate even more that it's true.
    S'yeah. Today was not good. So I got diagnosed with tendonitis (where the tendons are weak from overuse, probably from all the running I do) and so now I can't run for at least a week.
    So yeah, I guess I probably snacked a lot more than I should today. Now I feel like a fat piece of lard, but hey, what else is new?
    See, I'm average weight for my height, just really close to being overweight. I feel fat. A lot. I hate to admit this too, but if I waws capable of being bulimic, chances are I would be. I envy thin people so much.
    I's not making the situation any better that I'm going to a birthday party at my friend's house. That's bad for 3 reasons:
    1. She's really skinny. That's why she doesn't understand what I'm going through. She insists that I eat junk food and says that I'm no fun when I don't and she gets mad at me.
    2. It's a pool party. Pool=Swimsuit. Swimsuit= Showing off stomach
    3. Aaaand on top of it, most of the girls there are your stereotypical popular girls.

    Help? :'(
  2. MisterBGone

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    If I were you, I would: Tell your friend to spend a little less time worrying about you, and a little more time worrying about herself. Rock the birthday party. Ignore the mean girls.
  3. Kiba

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    Maybe you can't run, but can you go for walks?

    And I think maybe you should just go and see what happens. I think tbh we are all different sizes and shapes and we just live with what we got. Just try and relax and have fun. :)

    I hope the party goes alright. take care! :hug: