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crappy few days again

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i guess i have bottomed out this week with exposure...was sat in Dr. waiting room today and suddenly realised i was in tears...and when i told Dr i was struggled not to burst into tears he said "oh please dont"..have always had reasonable rapport with him..but now i think if he cant cope with tears..wtf!
he wanted me to have blood tests again cos of alcohol abuse and i refused, told him not to waste printing forms off and cos i said i wasnt bothered what the results were as they wouldnt change anything, he has now referred me to alcohol team and said he would also contact my psychiatrist. my psychiatrist signed me off cos he only dealt with drugs which at that time i refused as out patient...and he didnt want to clash with psychologist.

i am now suspicious why would he refer back to psychiatrist all because i refused blood tests, surely they cant force me to have them. i conceded to alc team to keep him on side. now i am thinking...could this be a route to section me? surely a refusal to have blood tests is no reason to refer to psychiatrist?


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I'm thinking that because you were bursting into tears suddenly, he got concerned and thats why he's referring you back?
I know the feeling about the alcohol being an issue or non issue? my psych nurse is pestering me into seeing the rehab counsellor..i def don't need to.
good luck my friend :)
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