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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Ren_x, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Ren_x

    Ren_x New Member


    I used to self harm quite oftenly, but i had councilling and found help and stopped.
    But now i keep having craving to do it again it like, every sharp thing i think of what i could do with it., and to be quite honest its driving me crazy. Its liek i can help people to stop but im finding it difficult to stay an ex-self harmer myself.

    Im pretty pleased i havent self harmed for round about 4 months. I used to self harm about 2 years ago but after a year of not doing it anymore, i started back up. So i know i could easily start again.

    I also think i have a thing for my own blood, i don't know why but i like the sight of it.

    I know i can say no to doing it as i went through a rough patch and didnt do it, nearly did but i didnt but now im happy i need to. I realised how much self harming is like drugs, drink and smoking. Its an addiction, and just going cold turkey is so hard.

    Can anybody help or give me some things that could help?
  2. altek001

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    Well, first off, I would like to say welcome to the Forum!! (In case nobody else has before now)

    Now, in my personal experience, (for I, too, have suddenly started again inexplicably) finding other things to occupy your hands with other than SI is a great diversion (as you'll be busy with *that* instead of harming yourself) ...hopefully you'll get focused on whatever activity you're working on and forget that you wanted to in the first place.

    If that sounds cheesy, it's the only option that I can think of that doesn't have to do with telling anybody, 'cos the next thing that I would do is set up some sort of accountability system with someone...someone that you can call or that you know is always online that you can talk about your urge to..and hopefully they can help you get over whatever it is you're feeling without anything happening to you.

    There's a sticky on diversions, I think...
    here's the link for it:

    ...I hope that helped you some..
    PM me if you want to talk more.

    Take care,
    - Henry
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