Crawling before walking

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  1. Sadeyes

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    I am starting an exercise regime from rock bottom...the disease I have stopped me from walking two years ago, and now I am working with a trainer (a horrid man who shames me into work-but I adore him)...I work out three times a day for 15-20 min. I was a dancer and boxer/volleyball player, so I know how to get into shape...the most important part of any regime is to just show up...keep moving and not to become disappointed or to expect too much too soon...and do not lose faith in what you are Lao Tzu said, "a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"...keep stepping!
  2. MoAnamCara

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    Wow - I hope you are very proud of yourself. Your outlook and determination remind me of someone else.... And to have that quality as part of your personality, the belief - is something very special. Congrats :hug:
  3. Raven

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    Putting one foot in front of the other can start a journey of a thousand miles, it is the small things in our lives that lead to the biggest achievements, do not be worried about small milestones, they will add up to mountains.
  4. Terry

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    We'll have you tap dancing soon :biggrin:
  5. lightbeam

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    My cheesecake friend! We'll have you coming and going in no time!
  6. gentlelady

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    Your strength and determination never ceases to amaze me. You can do anything you put your mind to. Crawl, stand, baby steps, strides they may all be in your future. I would live to see you dance again. Not sure about the vaudeville act though. That is a bit outdated. Maybe dancing with the stars instead :)
  7. Sadeyes

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    Thanks all...I will take any steps I can get...the short term goal is to drive a car without all the stuff on the steering wheel (not that others who need it should not use it) but I am a stubborn person, and always need a goal...and as you all have said, just keep showing up and the little steps will add up...and C, if it means you would be here to see me dance, I would work out 10 times a day...but it also means you have to get out of Montana to do so...anytime, my just give me enough time, and I will work my Brooklyn butt off to make it happen...much cuddles to all of you kind people...and Terry, I still have my tap dancing shoes and with the grace of G-d, I would love to use them some day again!

    The damn trainer, who I will call Mr. Monster, had me jumping yesterday...yes, it was 5 jumps, and 5 jumps in 2 years does not sound like much, but I could not stop crying...of course he was so compassionate..."get up and keep working" what a bed side manner!!! But the therapists would have stopped and had me tell about my childhood and told me how hard it is to adjust to being 'disabled' and that we could stop for the day if it was too it is nose to the grindstone to get is short and I am sick and tired of being like this!
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  8. BornFree

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    Whoo Hooo you go Girl!! Loads of cheering going on from the uk!! You're AWESOME! Truly inspiring xx
  9. Mikeintx

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    Good for you Sadeyes, very inspirational. There are so many videos and stories out there of double amputees, people with serious diseases and other ailments that build up to doing amazing things(considered amazing for someone without these disabilities). I wish you luck :)
  10. IV2010

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    I am in awe sadeyes! way to go! :hugtackles:
  11. gentlelady

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    So, did Mr. Monster get his way this week?
  12. Sadeyes

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    He did and I was able to walk with the walker a little further...wish I could live in a bubble until I walked again, so that life's difficulties did not threaten my resolve...thanks for asking...and thanks Dit, Mike and IV for your well wishes...we all can use them...and as I said, I am so stubborn (if done with more grace, it may seem determined) but I refuse to let this disease get me...each day, and many of you know this well, some moron is going to kick dirt into the hole you are trying to crawl out of...happened to me last night...I was furious at what was done by someone, so I did more writing on my business plan and signed more petitions to get justice in the US...I keep telling myself that the loudest voice is rarely the wisest voice, so cry or scream re what happened and move on...all the best
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    I think it's great your doing this and i'm pleased to hear you are making progress :).