Crazy Jealous Psycho GF?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by FBD, May 12, 2011.

  1. FBD

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    so my boyfriend asked to hang out with this girl...his exact message (on a im service) ____ wants to "stop by" tomorrow around 7.

    he asked permission i said yeah but if he does anything hes a dead this girl hes asking to hang out with is one of our friends ex's....shes avoiding seeing anyone else, and me along with a bunch of other people think he has had a thing for her. granted hes with me now, but im really uncomfortable with it...i know im probably being irrational, but shes avoiding other people and making it seem so secretive.

    i expressed my concern with this and he just says nothing will happen and what not, hes a good guy and i believe him i just so nervous something will happen because ive been cheated on before (they lied about it) multiple times with multiple different people...

    am i a jealous crazy psycho girlfriend now? i feel bad but i cant help it, tihs feeling of sometihng bad is gunna happen wont go away. i mean im his frist girlfriend (hes 22 im 21) and the first girl hes ever done anything with so im kinda nervous hes gunna do something just because hes never done something with anyone before. ugh i feel like such a bitch, a crazy, psycho, jealous bitch.
  2. Terry

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    Not psycho in the least, can't say I'd be thrilled at the prospect of a boyfriend hanging out with another girl.
    Different if he's be a life long friend of this girl.
  3. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    she isnt a life long friend...he met her a few years ago only because she was dating someone were both friends with... those two broke up and shes stayed in contact with my one else she met from dating our friend...
  4. eagle

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    definitely not psycho so don't worry about that. its natural to get jealous just don't let it ruin your relationship
  5. Terry

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    So its a solid friendship?

    I wouldn't sweat it then, if they haven't dated before now it's highly unlikely they are going to now he's involved with you. :smile: