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    Sketches Poetry

    i left you in the garden
    flowers and trees surround the dug spot
    no more charge bieng dissed
    not many specks in the water
    not much chance of breath
    he locked the door correctly
    no hint of cinnamon in the air
    he's gonna get away with this

    she catches the feather
    feeling the soft bubbles
    beneath a dark and evil machine
    The sun shines brightley
    so softly in fields of soft


    my description of the nature of one of my little fits 'as it happened'

    trapped in this mask
    risin 'bove seems inept
    taking it off a cherade too
    when swallowed in the vortex
    i just can't take it off
    butt kiss my freedom
    just to pull it off
    avoiding the next phase
    which is a cyclone toward a torture chamber
    full of spikes and nestles where i always feel bites
    if alone here on this planet
    or maybe even otherwise
    I would let my true feelings
    bubble to the fore
    i hate those monsters
    who let words swirl out their cheek
    as i'm left clinging to what lurks beneath
    that warm comfort, peace
    alone, it would be fine
    i wouldn't have to lie
    or listen to anyone, ever again

    There you are, letting this go...

    They make it look all like, so much bettetr than it is
    your standing there holding on just waiting for your turn to speak
    knowing you can do nought but turn the other cheek
    you got something to prove well thats where your demons meet
    we can get it on in hell, let the smirking faces dwell
    on the corpses of your dead lovers and let the seduction that they sell
    let it manifest till their destiny sets them apart from life
    then its your good self stood there laughing
    as another girl slips from their snakelike grip
    cuz yeah mutha fukka we've seen it all before
    we know whats at the end of the road
    but your not the type to let your dreams go
    I'm stood here naked just so everyone knows
    I ain't the liar that took your heart and turned it smut
    I ain't the one thats never good enough
    you can't change fact and thats what I am
    here and always waiting
    for you to believe again


    I really liked this one

    All of your writing is good, abstract enough that I can sit and try to unravel it for a while (but still not get it completely every time :cool:).


    Maybe that means I am dense. Fuck, I am dense

    i dont expect anyone to truely get these things, i don't even get them. they're thoughts hovering over different facets of inner chemistry that cannot speak for itself

    fact = fucked

    help any?

    No help :wink:

    Didn't matter though, I felt from the start that these sort of things aren't even meant to be "gotten", but rather interpreted by each individual perhaps
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