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creativ conversation topics

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Any ideas of really unusual topics you can talk about if you don't know, what to say?

I'll start with

-If you were a fruit; Which one would you be and why?
-Which product you used today will still be common in 500 years?


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hmm ... how about award convo topics ...i'm good with those....like have you ever picked your nose and made it bleed...not like i'm done that i mean errmm...ya see that was awkward :D


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Oh I got tons of these, I love weird random questions and often ask them in the other thread ask the person below you a question.

So out of the top of my head:

-If you wake up turning to the other gender, what would you do first? why?
(useful and playful for flirting)

-any stranded island question, for example, if you are trapped on the island with *insert whatever* and run into *random situation*...etc.
(great for getting an insight into the other person)

-anything hypothetical. What animal would you be? what superpower do you want? How would you survive a zombie apocalypse??
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