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  1. Seerbrum

    Seerbrum Well-Known Member

    The city streets,
    They've seen a thousand feet,
    They've seen the feats,
    Of all the sheep,
    Yet this city sleeps.

    I'm the CREEP,
    The creeper,
    The one who's in league with the reaper
    And every time I see her
    I make sure to tip my hat because I ain't ever looking Back.

    I've learn my lessons,
    You can read my story in my Expression
    Depression, self hurt sessions, and bad fashion
    But listen I ain't ever try to cash in

    I rather hang myself with a belt,
    then admit I needed the help,

    See thats my embarssement
    Living my life with harassment
    I'm not allowed to sleep
    Because according to you, I'm just a CREEP.

    Don't you forget
    I don't ever plan to be rich

    I just plan on taking back all the little things you took from me, with out a care, with out even a fair warning, I'm not the creep, I was just the sheep, and where a wolf acting like little bo beep. But see I learned my lesson, you can read the scars, my face, and my expression. Dare you ever suffer from depression!

    I'm not the creep,
    So stay off MY STREETS
    This is where I sleep
    There is where I shepard my Sheep.
  2. Petal

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    :laugh:I absolutely loved it :)

    Thanks for sharing :D
  3. season

    season Member

    Your talented
    seriously cool
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