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Creepy solutions.

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I don't know what to do. I've thought of everything. I don't have enough money to hire an escort (and no I don't mean a sex escort). I just want a platonic escort who can watch movies, go swimming, and celebrate her birthday with me. Yeah, it's creepy, but escorts are kinda used to that stuff. I just really don't like the idea of replacing her with an escort over and over again, and what if the escorts think I'm like serial killer or one of those other kinda guys? Yuck. It also stinks being around someone who probably cannot relate, and is just acting....


I also have the idea of cloning. Now it's a complicated plan, but I require a large sum of money to buy an island(s). I will then conduct genetic research into cloning on this island. Use some of her DNA, and then I have a brand new her.

One of the problems is recreating her life to raise her to be like the old her. That would require me to hire actors to play the rest of the family. I don't like lying to someone. I've also thought about cloning my family and finding a way to imprint their personalities, but I'm not that smart yet.

I'll probably end up doing the research into my 60s. Then I would also have to use some sort of cryo stasis device, which I would also have to develop, to wait for her to grow up enough to hang out at my older age. I have no idea how I will be able to maintain the clones environments.

I'm thinking about buying multiple islands because I doubt many of the clones would be interested in hanging out with me since they might be married or move on to some other areas of life.

Another problem is making sure I perfect the cloning enough to prevent early death or unwanted mutations like those found in pre-Dolly the sheep.

I can also just focus on the cryo research and freeze myself with instructions not to wake me until cloning is better. That saves me some years.

Time machine:

The harder solution is to create a time machine. I go back in time, fix her, and then replace her with a duplicate to preserve the timeline without creating a paradox. This is the hardest since the only functional theory of backwards time travel requires me to place one end of the portal during a previous point in order to travel back to it. Since it's already past that point then I cannot place anything there. I would have to cryo sleep for way to long before proper time theories are even thought of.


I can also create a virtual dream machine. That way I can live in a simulation the rest of my life before dying. This is probably the best solution since nobody gets hurt or lied to, but would still take a ton of resources. I can try to program the responses in for every person and situation or I can hire a full time team to role play while I'm in the dreamworld. It's basically like a pleasant coma.
life is a dream world. in your mind, create a virtual dream machine. That way you can live in a simulation the rest of your life. this might only be possible with some drugs though.


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why do you feel you need to clone a girl? why not find a new girl ?
Because I kinda knew this one since she was a baby. I wasn't really looking for a fling/romantic relationship/marriage/sex, etc. Just a best friend I suppose.... It's okay. I just have these crazy moments though. They don't happen all the time.


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Deja Vu.

It sounds like you want a friend more than you want an escort, though. :hug:
friends are highly overrated. all they ever do is ask you for help but never offer it back, criticize everything you do and seem to think its their god given right to point out your flaws, they rub your failures in your face while minimizing your successes... yeah very overrated. at least mine are anyway.
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