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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Patch, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Patch

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    its hard to reach out, especialy if no one wants to bother to say anything back. sometimes I find writting about my shit makes me feel better...but if I'm too deep in a mood I really need support, and thats when it hurts that no one replies. what people say about 'having to speak up' is bullshit. it does fuck all if you're new here.

    who on this forum would notice if I never came back?

    I originaly posted that in reply to someone's post about how they aren't noticed on this forum...but I didn't want to drag him into my funk. this is a funk, not a mood. don't feel obliged to reply. haha, I still want to pretend like I don't give a damn, but this whole post is about how I do. Damnit. I'm actualy scared that someone will reply...I hate talking about my 'hurt feelings', I just feel so stupid, and a reply will make me face my stupid feelings.

    But I'm terrified that no one will. (but that doesn't mean you have to! don't let me guilt you into pretending you care.)
  2. aki

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    hi patch,
    you've replied to a few of my threads and i've always really appreciated and respected what you had to say.:smile:
    sorry that you feel under appreciated. remember that sometimes people just don't know what to say, they might not feel they know enough about the subject, or feel they know what advice to give. i feel like that a lot anyway.
    well anyway... i don't know if this helps but i appreciate/notice you:biggrin:
    also i think it does help to just acknowledge how you feel, get it out of your system, even if you have no replies. it helps just to express your feelings. well it helps me anyway.
  3. Shauna Lea

    Shauna Lea Staff Alumni

    Hi Patch

    I'm sorry that you feel that way around the forum. With so many members is hard to keep up with whats going on but I assure you that we do our best to give everyone the help they need. Simply writting down your feelings helps and just because you don't get an instant reply doesn't mean that nobody has read what you have to say and it certainly doesn't mean that your alone!

    Maybe if you are feeling really down and want an instant reply it would be beneficial to go into chat?

    Take care!
  4. carol2237

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    I, like transmission, have noticed you posting around the forum. You have been a great help to those people you have replied to, and i am sure they appriciate your kind words. As a general rule, I dont post replys unless i have something i feel i need to say. I truely am sorry you feel unnoticed, but like Shauna said, it is a large forum, and we do our best to help. I would like to extend an invitation to you to send me a PM if ever you feel the need to talk or rant or what not. It is in general the best way of getting ahold of me, although when i am home i am always in chat.

    Also as Shauna said, Chat may help and will have the benefit of instant replys. But as you have surely noticed today with the random "Brian" outbreak, it can sometimes be a little crowded and upbeat. In that case, you can always make your own room or go to Triggers, and most of the time, someone will follow you or will message you privately. *huggles* See you around?

  5. Spearmint

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    It's very hard to reach out, and it's even harder if your attempts to do so are ignored. I understand what you mean about hurting and needing support, but it's not there..And I try to reply to the "new" people as often as I can, because I know the older members get a lot of support, even I as an older member don't get a whole lot of support, and it sucks sometimes.

    To be honest, I probably wouldn't notice, but that's because I don't know you. I didn't feel obligated to reply, but I wanted to. I understand what you mean about trying to act like you don't care, but you really do. :hug: My PM box is open if you need it.
  6. gentlelady

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    I too am sorry you feel your threads go unnoticed. Sometimes it can be hard to reply to someone if you are unsure of what to say to them. It doesn't mean you are being overlooked. It can be very hard to reach out to others for help just as it can be hard to provide the help. I do think your absence would be noticed by some. maybe not as many as people who have been here for a long time, but that is only because you aren't well known yet. Give it time and others will feel the impact you make on them. Please don't give up on us. we are acaring supporting community as a whole. Please take care. :hug:
  7. Patch

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    thanks everyone, sry I was a whiny bitch:laugh: feeling better
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  9. bleach

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    I generally only respond to topics if i feel like i can offer some helpful advice or if I relate to the poster in some way. Not everyone's problems and experiences are the same, and often I simply have nothing to say that can help a person, even while my heart goes out to them. If no one responds to a post, I think there's no shame in posting a similar one later, just so more people get a chance to read it and respond.

    Love your avatar, by the way :)
  10. Patch

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    Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it. And thank you, I love it too:smile: