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    I'm kind of upset because I posted a group of funny pics of my piggy and what he did, but then all of a sudden, people started to comment that his cage is too small and I must buy him a new cage...then some other person came on saying how sad that he didn't have another mate and where was his hay....

    yuki has another mate, and does have hay, just not as litter... but now I"m all down because they are seeming to imply I'm a bad pet owner, torturing my piggies with small spaces and making them miserable...

  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    if I hadn't posted that picture, then no one would have been saying is even suggesting that I give one away if they dont get along and that's why they are separated...what the hell? like I'm the worst person in the world...I should just die and go to hell already
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    I know you are the kindest person ever and that your little ones are so lucky to have you You give them special treats and everything. Dont' listen to people that don't know you okay. Listen to someone that knows your heart is pure and your love for your piggies is the best thing for them. Give them each a hug from me too okay Don't cry as long as you know you are the best owner ever who cares about these other ignorant people.
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    The people who are commenting only know what they see...they don't know you! From what you've told me over this last year, they are taken care of with love, kindness and adequate living conditions. I know how much you care for them. THese people who are commenting do not know the situation and you shouldn't let them affect you.

    They probably belong to PETA and expect you to move into the cage and let the piggies have the run of the house. Of course that means that they should also do all the shopping for both themselves and for you. Pleaase ignore those that don't have a clue...they probably don't even own pets.
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    when people say such things i think to myself i wish my animal could talk she'd tell them f off im happy here
    animals live better than us,unconditional love free food and lodgings
    try to take no notice of these people they probably dont even have animals theyre hypocrites they want everything hunky dory until its against them!!!
    violets right theyre ignorant people!!!
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    andi I think that's what my piggies would say "I'm happy here"

    they have pets or had pets, the way they talked but I think that to judge from one photo is rather pretentious and naive...

    the thing is I worry about my piggies' happiness all the time, I'm always trying to make them as comfy and as happy as I can...they do get out of the cages, I also pet them and stuff...I understand that having a pet is a privilege and a responsibility but I think that you can judge like that when you don't know the situation...

    a guinea pig popcorns when its happy (make a weird jump dance) and my piggies do if they were so miserable and stressed as they said, they wouldn't be doing that...they tell me when they're hungry...and when I have them on me, they let me know when they want to go back in their homes...I make sure they eat the right food, that their nails are clipped, and yuki's long hair fur trimmed (even if he doesn't like it lol) I have even special guinea pig shampoo for them...I clean their eyes, cuddle them, talk to them (yuki listens and tries to understand, kyo's indifferent, in his own little world)

    so when they went on about it, it made me sad, and just made me feel as though I was doing it all wrong....but if they were that miserable I think I would know...anyways thanks everyone for responding...I needed that...
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    I don't know you but you seem like
    A very nice person. You seem to really love your
    Piggies. I've read a few of your diaries
    and I don't think you'd ever intentionally hurt them.
    If they seem happy then there isn't anything wrong I think.
    But if your concerned maybe read more up on
    It? I don't know much about piggies. :3
    They have funny names though lol