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crisis situation

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total eclipse

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If you are suffering deeply then call crisis line okay talk to a real voice who can calm you give you some coping skills or even get you help okay Crisis line is a good resource for those difficult times we sometime find ourselves in hugs
I agree with above, please call a crisis line if you need to talk and are struggling. Also, keep posting here, and let us know what is going on for you. You need to look after you right now, and keep yourself as well and safe as possible. Here if you need to talk :arms:
Can you talk about it at all? What are you needing? What emotions are going through you?
You are in our parayers. Hope to hear more from ya soon. Keep us posted as you able.:hugtackles:


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Total Eclipse and Lostbutnot found have the right idea. Call a crisis line or talk to us on hear. My PM box is always open if you need it. :hug:
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