Crisis spurs spike in 'Suburban SUvivalists'

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  1. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    TITLE SOULD READ 'SUBURBAN SURVIVALISTS': Can't link yet, so if someone comes across this article and has any interest, please do so. It is from Associated Press, 5-25-09.

    Military Surplus and "Survivalist' suppliers are reporting anywhere from a 50% to 700% increase in purchase of the following: Guns, freeze-dried meals, 55 gallon water jugs, thermal blankets, tents and water purification tablets, generators, etc...The name of one of the stores is "Living Fresh"

    The difference now is that the main puchasers are teachers, real-estate agents and others who currently have middle class jobs.

    They are buying these items in the belief that the entire "system" as we know it, will break down. Banks will close, markets will stop stocking shelves, gas stations will close, the electric grid will go down, etc...

    My opinion is that if it comes to that, whats a few months supplies going to get you? If the "system" as we know it breaks down, won't there be these bands of survivalists fighting it out for every scrap? What's the point?
  2. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    It's a good question. They're short sightened, paranoid, and probably out for themselves (or their families) as opposed to trying to keep society together. These people are forseeing total anarchy and are preparing to duke it out to survive it. Thank God it's all for nothing.
  3. Zirone

    Zirone Well-Known Member

    It's pointless, all the 'survival gear' is useless without the survival training to back it up. If the system does explode and anarchy reigns then half of these people wouldnt survive half as long as they expect to.
  4. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    Yes, very true, especially given how comfortable most people live in our society. I highly doubt the average American is prepared for the hardship of survivalism, physically or psychologically.
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