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Crisis Team hung up on me

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I've had a scary day, my days have been getting worse and worse. I suffer from anxiety mostly but it usually takes a break over summer yet it's getting worse and worse.

This morning I completely freaked out while on the phone to my ISP/phone provider because I didn't recognise our number on the bill and have been giving out a different one for weeks. I REALLY freaked out, I eventually recognised it and it scared me even more that I'd forgotten it, my memory is getting bad lately.

I was terrified and in tears because I feel so alone, I can't remember what happened next - oh yes I can I tried to knock myself out but hitting my head repeatedly on the kitchen cupboard and then cutting myself on the legs which I've done before, neither achieved anything except the pain from the cuts which I like. I had my doctors appointment that afternoon. She's put me on valium for a week, I'm not abusing it but I had some scary tasks to perform (outside, town, people, etc teriffies me). I luckily didn't have to do them as some mysterious money appeared in my account. But I still had to be there and I find walking for too long really hard, I have a car but walking around town takes a while.

Lately I've been so broke I couldn't afford to eat properly, I had maybe 2 slices of toast a day. Since I had some money I bought too much food and ate it all and felt really ill and sick after. I've been doing this for the last couple of years it feels like a form of self harm or punishment.

I phoned the Crisis Team this after noon after eating, told the woman on the phone everything that happened today and she said what did she want me to do about it? I was kinda stumped and also scared of asking for anything. What I REALLY want is to spend some time in hospital where I can be kept an eye on and not hurt myself but I couldn't ask for it.

All I could manage was that I was afraid of being in the house and wanted to be taken out of it. She said it's not her job to take people out of their houses. She then said I was being really evasive and if I didn't say what I wanted she'd terminate the call. I told her I was scared to talk and felt really sick. She heard that someone else was in the house and said "oh so you have someone else to talk to?" I said no, I can't talk to him about stuff like that. I did answer her in more detail after that I think I said "I need to be kept an eye on so I don't hurt myself" but she talked over me and still accused me of saying nothing. I said I just told you and she repeated herself and hung up. She also said at some point that this is why they hate their number being given out to just anyone and not people on Home Treatment.

Is it worth either ringing them again? The doctors out of hours service? Maybe when she asked me what I was going to do for the rest of the night I should have said kill myself. I'm not being flippant, I want to die more than anything in the world.


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What's wrong with all these crisis teams!

I would write a complaint. Have you got a copy of your care plan? There should be details of where to complain to in such cases on it.

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yes I think it is worth ringing them again I have spoke to some really nice people at the end of the phone so don't give up hope yet. Good luck as it really does help to speak to someone it makes stuff clearer in your head to only if it is for a short while it is worth it. Take care.
Im sorry that the woman at the crisis team wasn't of great help. You should try again if you are struggling or even go to A and E .. thats part of my care plan as we dont have a crisis team in my area for under 18's so i have to go to accident and emergency when i am struggling, to see the duty psychiatrist and to also be in a safe place..I've never gone though but it could be worth a shot.


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Weevil - I live in the UK - I get benefits but just lost man - well - these Tory filth eh? But **** them - I'll earn something.

You getting benefits? Worth applying for the new disability benefit actually - at least its a bit extra cash on top of normal benefits.

i assume your not working.

And not eating right - this is no good mate.

My family work in benefit advice so ask me anything there.

Complain about the crisis team - make notes NOW whilst it is still fresh in your mind - what time you phoned (it will be on your phone bill and maybe mobile) also any names and what was said and how long it took.

Do ring back - be calm though - and just tell them what you told us.

Are you living alone then? I do also - no-one could handle me really - but I do know lots of people so can chat when I need to or want to or find anyone with more than 2 brain cells working in this land of apparent intellectual backsliding.

Do ring again.

I wish I had a normal phone so I talk to UKers.

but I'm here regardless and hope you can grab a few days in hospital to chill out a little - and get more support for benefits and help.

Do come back here and stick around - make some friends who understand how htis works and who care about you and accept you.

good luck mate - best wishes!
I called one twice. The first time, I couldn't understand the guy's accent so I had to hang up.

The second time, I was really nervous, and said, "I just want to talk to someone." because I didnt want them to like call the cops or whatever.

The guy said, "well this isnt a place where you can just call to talk to people".

I hate those crisis lines, I will never call one again.
I find the crisis team bad. I very rarely phone partly as I hate phones but also as my experience of them wasn't great. When you are in crisis alot of them don't seem to understand than when upset you can't always spell out exactly what is going on and turn there as you NEED to talk right then. I find that the crisis team, most of them were pretty useless and when involved with them I just ended up really angry and basically told them where to go. Funnily enough, and I don't know if it was just cause of that CPN that was there, but I got more of a response then- they seemed more willing to listen just when I was starting to not want to talk. I think many of them are more comfortable with psychosis than depression to be honest. Having worked in a mental health team in the past there were members who seemed to see illness like depression and anxiety as less "worthy" of their time than psychosis. I always thought that these profesionals were ill too as they obviously lacked human compassion and certainly had never experienced depression themselves. Obviously this has all coloured my view of services. I think honestly though when you need something to happen you should give it a shot and call them as you may get a good one. Bad that we should have to hope for the good member of staff but thats life I guess


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Thanks for all the responses, sorry if I don't answer them all properly. I remember her name and roughly what time it was but it will be on my mobile.

I don't have a care plan or CPN I guess I've never been worth one.

Can you actually ask the Crisis Team to put you in hospital? The first time I rang them maybe Monday they said they couldn't and only the GP could refer that. But the GP I spoke to that day that gave me emergency valium to tide me over said only the Crisis Team could do it and they're not usually very helpful. Maybe they have a rivalry?

I also phoned one morning, it might have been yesterday morning, it was cos I was freaked out about the phone number. All the staff were in a meeting so I got the receptionist who said "call back later bye" while I was mid sentence.

I just tried to call them again but no answer.

I'm getting ESA and Housing Benefit, I just had to fill in a form to show I still need ESA as I guess they're trying to throw people off it. I have a housemate but wish I lived alone. I thought company would stop me isolating myself but I feel much safer on my own. Nothing wrong with my housemate (I've had horrible houseshares before) but once you've lived alone it's hard to go back. And I feel like I have to answer to a parent all the time, a parent thats younger than I am. Plus you still get lonely even if you live with people. Also my Housing Benefit dropped more than £100 because I share communal rooms with someone else now so I can't actually afford my rent. There was someone that wanted me to apply for Disability Living Allowance but I need a diagnosis and I'm in the middle of that right now. "Anxiety" is not enough.

I'm maybe, possibly going back to uni this year. I started again last year but screwed it all up now they have to decide if I'm sane enough to restart that year. I don't want to go but I do and have to because if I don't then I might as well be dead there's nothing left for me. I just don't want to scew it up again.


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I'm not hospital worthy, I felt like the doctor on the phone was just humouring me and annoyed at me wasting her time. They said "you've got appointments coming up just hang on for that" as though in their eyes you don't exist until they see you next. What do they expect you to do in the meantime? I'm scared, I'm scared to move incase I get some kind of rage (been unusually angry lately) and smash the place up and hurt myself again. It's almost worth it just to say "see I told you so!"

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hi hun you call each time it will be someone different maybe next time you will get a good crisis team member. It is hit and miss really i have had some very kind people who took time to listen and calm me down i would definetly report the girl name who you talk to noone should be hung up on You can talk here hun we listen and we won't be unkind hugs


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I'm sure this was the actions of just one pissed of member of the crisis team, they wouldn't all be like that. I find that if you just want someone to talk to to make everyhing seem clearer is a dedicated charity line, these people volunteer their time so will show more empathy for your situation. My favourite line is Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87


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What I'd like actually is a "suicide buddy" forgive the morbid term, I can't say "anxiety buddy" as everyone suffers from different things. Maybe "crisis buddy"? Someone who we can text or MSN each other for advice or just to say what latest meds we've been on. I don't like doing that to my very few remaining friends as they don't understand despite ordering me to tell me everything, then they get sick of it and leave me.

I got very seriously told off by the duty doctor at the Uni on the phone today as apparently I'd said too much to the receptionist. I hadn't even remembered what I'd said, I can't seem to control what I say at the moment as I don't have many people to talk to, and a bad short term memory.

I wanted more than talking from the Crisis Team, I wanted them to admit me to hospital, I really thought I would do something. I guess the fact that I didn't proves them right that I'm a waste of their time. The duty doctor I spoke to today who was already annoyed with me for the reception thing said I didn't need hospital admittance either or my GP would have recognised it yesterday.

In all likelyness I'm too inept to hurt myself seriously, the only time I have done have been accidents but it doesn't stop me being scared.
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