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  1. ANeverEndingRose

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    I have been referrred to the crisis team a few times in the past and have been with them for the past week, but i think they are making me worse. They never give me the help i want and i feel as though they belittle my situation.

    What are other peoples experiences of them?
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    They are a huge risk to get involved with. I understand. Going there is a bit like "Will I feel like throwing myself under a train after I come out?" or "Will I feel slightly better?" More often than not, my reaction has been the former. I'm fortunate because a lot of my anger goes into writing- in these cases, complaint letters. The reaction from my MH trust has been fucking pathetic, though - generally "I'm sorry that you felt that way," and not taking any responsibility for the behaviours of their staff. They even had the nerve to say I didn't see the couple of staff on duty. I mean, if I didn't see a couple of Crisis Team staff documented on paper, who did I see?

    I know what you mean about them belittling the situation.

    You have all my support :hug:. I know what it feels like to be in a crisis and to feel like you have. I also know how difficult it is when you're this desperate- to go to A+E and get that sort of treatment and feel neglected. Your life matters, your problems matter, although you might feel at this point in time everyone isn't listening to you. I hear you.
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  3. ANeverEndingRose

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    Thank you, thats a hugely comforting reply.

    I never want to be referred to them but my CPN insists on it at the time and I don't have a choice. So they asked me in what way they can help, I say it would be great if they could visit me for a few days until I can get back on my feet, they visit once and then just call occassionally and ask how I am-I say crap, ODing, SHing, not eating blah blah, they say o dear and we're back to the 'well what will help you?'!!!!!

    Whats the point?!I mean seriously?!!!! I find I get into a situation where my world revolves around their calls and constantly feeling like I can say anything or do anything-as though its okay to do anything because they just say 'o dear'....they dont imply what i do is wrong in anyway.

    Im in the position at the moment of contemplating discharging myself from them. People are telling me not too, that if in a few days it comes down to the crunch of seriously harming and ending up in ITU i might need to call them and i'll kick myself if i cant...i just think that seriously, i really wont want to call them, if im at that stage of doing something like that, im not thinking rationally enough in anway at all to think about calling anyone...and if they call me when im like that i hang up on them.

    So what is the point??!! I just go round in neverending circles with them and end up feeling worthless and like i should do something to myself because not even they care.

    thank you again :)
  4. plates

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    I completely understand ANeverEndingRose

    I'm so sorry you're feeling so low and desperate though. It's just awful talking to people who are like brick walls isn't it? :hug:

    Your CPN really should be the one doing the visiting you at home and making sure you're getting the support you need. The Crisis Team are really just there to admit people they think need to go into hospital and turn away people who they don't think are 'ill enough'.

    I'm not sure why your CPN referred you to them though? I'm a bit confused as to why she did that without involving herself in anything.

    I hate that question, '"What do you think would help." I know. Stupid question if you're ringing this Crisis Team isn't it..:laugh: It's a bit like my GP, I have to actually tell her what I want her to do, what to write in any letters. She's just a hopeless puppet who can't think for herself.

    Maybe it's a good idea to get in touch with your CPN and let her know what you're experiencing with your Crisis Team. They do sound like they aren't helping you or listening to you.

    I do hope you don't get to the stage of ODing or going into ITU. But it does seem to get any kind of help from MH services you need to do something drastic like that. I'd encourage you to get back to your CPN and let her know what's going on and how you'd like her to visit you at home.
  5. ANeverEndingRose

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    Sorry I should have said, my CPN is on holiday for two weeks at the moment, and then shes leaving at the end of august and i'm getting a new cpn.

    I tried to discharge myself from the crisis team today but they wouldnt let me, Im too much of a risk apparently. I've been in ITU 7times in the last year because of self poisoning related stuff. I came out of hospital (not psych hosp, general hosp) last week so I dont feel like ive got much strength to fight at the moment. I was meant to have an apppointment this morning with someone but two men turned up and they know i feel uncomfortable about seeing men so we didnt go ahead with the appointment. typical really.

    But hey ho, nevermind. Hope you're okay?
  6. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Oh okay, that explains a lot being out of hospital and needing follow up.
    I hate to hear that you're struggling so much out of hospital though. Yeah they're typical...I hope they didn't make you feel to uncomfortable, those men. :hug:

    I'm doing well, thanks. :smile:
  7. ANeverEndingRose

    ANeverEndingRose Well-Known Member

    Thats okay. Normally after an attempt im okay for a while but this time I woke up feeling as bad as I felt before I did it.

    Glad you're okay :) xx
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    I was referred to the crisis team a few weeks ago and my cpn looked more like a bar door man/bouncer than a nice caring type. I was cheeky at times as well. Saying things like, well if you want to kill yourself, well why haven't you?!
  9. katblack77

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    typo *he*
  10. ANeverEndingRose

    ANeverEndingRose Well-Known Member

    I guess it depends on who you get.

    I tried to discharge myself from the crisis team last friday and they wouldnt let me!!!
  11. Shock

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    what is a crisis team?
  12. pinkpetals33

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    It works a little different in the US here.

    Ny experience with them was when my psychiatrist sent them to my door repeatedly.
  13. ANeverEndingRose

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    In the UK the crisis teams are kind of like an emergency team made up of psychiatric nurses, doctors and sometimes clinical psychologists. If you are going through a 'crisis' period, or are perceived to be, your therapist/cpn/doctor will refer you to them for extra support. They might ring or visit everyday until they think you are safer. They also deal here with admission to the psych unit. If you need to be admitted you will be referred to them, they assess you and then transfer you to the inpatient unit.

    hope that helps :)
  14. plates

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    I hate hearing stories like this. It really makes me angry. I've had psychiatrists saying that to me too.

    Usually my experience of going to the crisis team is listening to a social worker or CPN going on for 5 minutes: EEEEEH? are you on drugs? are you sure you're not on drugs? EEEEEH? are you really really sure you haven't taken anything? :rolleyes:

    I'm so glad I don't have a drug problem. I have an ED and the reaction I get from nurses at my GP practice is bad enough...
  15. downunder

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    the workplace counsellor I was seeing dobbed me in to the CAT team for something I did 8 days ago. All I did was climb up one flight of stairs!!! I said I had felt like going up much higher. When he rung, I just said that I was fine thanx!! He then asked me about a previous attempt over 10 months ago, and gave me more information on how to do it, and explained the whole process and how long it would take. He also rattled off a list of other methods and asked if I had considered those ones. I couldn't believe it he was telling how to do it better, even if he didn't realise it. I told him a load of bu@#$$sh##t, and they didn't come and visit me, thank goodness. He told me I was not at risk, nor did I have a mental illness. Two weeks later I made another attempt. He told me if I ever had suicidal thoughts to give him a call, I asked what the result would be and he said he would get to go in there, I threw that phone number away. He asked if I researched information on the net on how to do myself in, I told him no, of course I do.

    He told me the information would be kept confidential upon my demise, whereas he would tell the coroner. He thanked me for talking to him and said if I didn't he would get the police to come around.

    i am just so glad I never told the counsellor about other attempts until a fair amount of time had passed.
  16. fromthatshow

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    I had a bad experience with them.
    I told them I was suicidal and didn't think I had a place to stay.
    They thought I was making the situation worse than it was because I wanted them to provide me with shelter for the night. They didn't deny I was depressed but they did belittle the situation.
    Bastards :mad:
  17. Leiaha

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    OMG, thought it was just me! They are the reason i WONT go to the hospital when i'm suicidal!
  18. FireBird

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    One time I was suicidal and psychotic and the crisis person in charge didn't put me into the hospital because I had a smile on my face and she didn't take me seriously. No matter how I feel, I have this smile on my face. I could be dead and still smile. The other reason why is that I had a list of what is going on because my memory is so bad. The doctors sometimes make it worse, not better. But right now I am doing so much better. My business is growing rapidly and soon I will make a lot of money. So, this means I am not depressed at all. But according to Dr. Evil (my psychiatrist who graduated from Evil Medical School) I have delusions. Even though the doctors think I am psychotic, I don't believe them because I am sane. Not insane. Just remember, what ever the government is accusing me of (destroying the world for example) I didn't do it! If they should blame anyone they must blame my cute bird who is also delusional. His name is Tiny and he believes he is God. How do I know this? When I walk up to him, he dips his head until I bow to him. And when I tell him he's not God and its a delusion, he actually cries! How cute! Oh why do I have to have a psychotic pet?
  19. plates

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    :biggrin: I like you.
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    This is the best I can do :hug:
    thanks for your post :wink: