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Crisis Team

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Has anyone ever called crisis team in the UK when you feel suicidal. What happens?

I am contemplating it. The shower hasn't made me feel any better and I have just found myself routing through drawers in my room and in my parents room looking for pills. I have turned the house upside down.


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I have not called a Crisis Team, but I have been an administrator of several... please call if you feel that awful...you need to be safe and we need you here...big hugs


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I am under the care of a crisis team and when i first was referred to them they took all my medications and would visit each evening to give that evenings meds and the next mornings. If I was worried atanytime of the day or night I could phone them and would be told have a hot drink and a warm bath:) But they did talk to me which had a calming effect ,i was also told if the urge was too strong to go immediately to the hospital they were based in ,I never needed to so far but it is unlikely they would admit you ,they would talk and keep you there for a while to calm you down. I find my crisis team very supportive.
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