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Hi, when i see my doctor i get offered to be referred to the local crisis team and i have turned it down. I read a few people's bad experiences and it's put me off a bit, i was wondering if any of you have had any good experiences. If you have had bad experiences please post as well, i'm interested. Much appreciated.

Are they are there just to assess you just for hospital?
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crisis team assess you and can get you other supports you need. Perhaps go to hospital as well for awhile Here they just want to see if your okay and how they can help


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I was under Crisis Team and in hindsight I wish I had opened up more and trusted them more, at the time I was so paranoid and at such a loss for words that I couldn't honestly think what to say or think period. For me I guess I struggled due to my fear of people and the fact that its different members of the team that see you freaked me out a bit. After a while you do come to know them all and its not that bad.

BUT THEY DO CARE and are just trying to find the best way to help you through this and help you find your feet again. Don't be scared of them they are genuinely nice people, they just need to know whats going on in order to assess how best they can help.

Wishing you everything of the best
Take care of you ok and let them help you.


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dont be afraid of the crisis team, they are there to support you and get you the help you need. i too refused at first and i cant really remember how i got involved with them, but if i wasnt on their radar i doubt i would be here now. yes they can recommend hospital but you dont have to go..i actually agreed to go in the end to avoid section..your hospital experience will be unique to you. i spent 17 weeks inside and it was a total nightmare and waste of time and certainly didnt deliver what was promised so when i am asked if i want to go again...i give a resounding NO, but that does not mean it will be your experience. all i can say is that if i refused again that particular day i would not be here within an hour or so i was admitted.

what i am trying to say is its better to go voluntarily but dont expect too much, it will keep you safe but may not deal with why you are there in first place. if you realise you are desperately suicidal then i would suggest you go as it will keep you safe and hopefully you will get more help that i got apart from being pumped full of drugs.

good luck and balance how you feel with what you want.
i was under the crisis team in ireland. no regrets. they really helped me. i was never hospitalized, they just provided in person and telephone support. a few times a week at first, then once a week when i was a bit more stable. you only get out of it what you put in. if you aren't going to open up there's no point. worth a try, though.


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I found the crisis team to be very helpful. I was only in contact with them for a couple of weeks but they got me through a really bad time. Take all the help you can get.
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