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crisis teams !!

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ali 56

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Hi not really sure where to post this but here goes. 19th feb took yet another od have remained quiet about it until today as I was too scared. I even went to work last week it was horrid with this time bomb inside me I picked up the crisis phone number yesterday that the shrink gave me but was too scared to call, I actually did this today and I would like to mention that they are the nicest people and so helpful and none judgemental, they got me an appointment with the key doc, my blood pressure is high and I have bad pains so I have to see my gp tomorrow. What I would like to say if anyone is in a crisis please call them I was so scared too and now I am in a mess. Like most people I am so alone no one around me thinks the word suicide exists and it makes me a freak.
Regards Ali


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Hi Ali..how brave of you...I am so glad you went for help and that they are going to hook you up...please let us know how it goes...wishing you only the best, J


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Hopefully you haven't caused damage by the OD. Well done on phoning crisis. I have yet to do so but put it off thinking I can deal with it myself or by not wanting to as I don't see it as a time when I need them but really I do. I am under the team at the moment but I have yet to call them. My psychiatrist keeps having a go at me as I don't call them. I know I wont. I don't know them.

Let us know the outcome of what happens with your GP.

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