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crisis teams

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I'm just wondering what the crisis team is like in your area, In mine in my opinion, they're completely useless, i could do a better job than them.
share your thoughts please?


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I know the one in my area quite well as I used to co-work with them. Most of them were bad, not doing what they were supposed to do, taking the piss. Hope I won't have to deal with them in future.


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I agree with you they are useless. They have you on thier books for a short period of time and you can never get hold of the one you are seeing. Or if you ring at a certain time they ask you to ring back in an hour as they are either in a meeting or changing shift.


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In my area, they are supposed to be good. They apparently come if you are in crisis and you feel that you are going to hurt/off yourself. They work in with the hospitals, police, and the distress lines. They will visit you at home if you need them to and will get paramedics if you require emergency hospitalization.

But, I must say, I've never actually used them...so don't really know what the "service" is like. :dunno:


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Our's is okay I suppose. You typically call a crisis line, and they talk to you, and get your info. You can ask to be hospitalized, but odds are you will end up in a dark cold room in the ER/A&E.

I honestly believe that I would be better off in the state hospital some days.
Where I live there is a crisis line you can call when you are upset. I have called and a couple of times had people tell me that I was a whiny bitch, I didn't just call if I got scratched by the cat or anything like that, I called if I wanted to kill myself because of things such as being harassed by my ex-boyfriend. There has only been one person on that crisis line that has ever answered that was goo, but that person isn't usually working, and the other two people that usually answer are assholes and unfortunately you can't ask for someone else since there is only one person working at the time apparently.

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like all organizations some are good some are not I have had some very kind people talk to me then i have had a few who made me feel less thenworth it
i don't call anymore now i know i have to help myself noone else can do that.


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I'm seeing my local crisis team, i have been assessed 4 times in the last week and a half because i am suicidal and am now on daily visits. To be honest they are hopeless, you have to wait around all day for them to ring with a rough time they will come, which makes me more anxious. When they do turn up its never the same one but they ask the same questions, give me sleeping tablets and after about 10/15 mins they go. I have admitted i have the means and a plan but they say i'm safe in the care of my 19 year old daughter!!!! So sorry they are crap! The reason i have got through the last week has nothing to do with them! they said they would admit me if i though i was in immediate danger! Who is able to tell them once you are at that point???


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absolutely agree that they are useless. i have only had bad experiences with them. they tell you its down to you that there is nothing they can do, but when you are in so much emotional pain its very difficult to see another road to take, so you go for help. then to be told there's nothing they can do, and its down to you, it makes you feel a whole lot worse. it made me feel lost and think well what the hell.


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same here! "you have to take responsibility for your own safety!" lmao! we all know that you get to certain point where you dont wat to be stopped and cant tell them and before that point if you do tell them you get fobbed off! they do make you feel so alone!
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