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i really dont know what to say other than ive reached crisis point and dont know where to go from here. had the most traumatic therapy session today and not sure if i can mentally cope with anymore.


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As I was told about therapy, it can get worse before it gets better. Keep with it. Let the therapist know you are struggling and ask for extra support if needs be. If you don't know where to go from here and you are really struggling phone a support line, distract yourself, if that doesn't work; go to your local hospital and ask to speak to someone. xxxx
thank you, i knew this was going to happen when i opened up, thats why ive avoided it for so long. im hurting sooooo bad.
Yeah I understand that totally. Therapy is reaalllyyy hard work. It will hurt like hell for a while but you will gradually feel better as you begin to heal. Don't stop talking now hun.
taken control -

im sorry to hear about your session, this stuff is soooo hard at times. it can leave us walking away completely retraumatized and questioning all.

see if you can see or call your therapist before your next session, don't let things go on like this for yourself. it will help to talk with those you already know. I know its hard, but you've obviously done a great job getting this far, so focus on that positive too.

take care.


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Hi there,

Im sorry to hear that your having a hard time, but Im glad that you were able to open up in therapy, its a step okay, to getting yourself better, more in control.

I dont know if you feel it yet, but opening up getting the things that have hurt you off your chest, actually saying these things out loud is a good thing for you and your emotions. I know it can be scary actually telling someone, its something that youve kept bottled up and pushed down for so long.

Once I did that, it was like letting it be real, the things I was telling, it was no longer a secret I had to hide or be ashamed of. Noone judge me any differant, noone loved me any less.

I hope your next appointment will bring you some of the relief I started to feel once I got it all out and off my back.

Hugs, hope today is better for you.
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