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A belated welcome to SF for you. :welcome:

And here are some hugs, although I don't know what good that will do: :hug: I know you're having trouble with suicidal thoughts... I've been there.

With caring thoughts..
Mr. A


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So sorry to hear things are so difficult.. please keep on fighting. I know it's tiring and maybe seems hopeless right now but things can improve. Does it help to write here? Jenny
Hi Jenny

Thanks for the message - yes it gets really tiring & I'm kinda at the point where it's just too much!!

I suffer from PTSD and all my medications are being switched all the time which isn't helping. But my overwhelming thought is ok fair enough over time I can change the perception & my relationship with being gang raped but I can't change the world and the fact bad things will always happen. I dont want to be around in a world like that and that's what has helped with my decision - does that even make any sense?!?


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Yes it does make sense, and I often think the same.. such bad things happen in the world and it's hard to get our heads around. I think it doesn't help though that whenever we turn on the news it's just bad news that's reported.. not the good stuff that also goes on in the world.

I'm sorry that you were gang raped.. sounds very traumatic. Are you receiving any therapy for this? Also sounds difficult to have your medication changed so much.. hopefully they'll find the right one for you soon though.

How are you doing today?

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