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  1. b-rock

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    I just don't know. I used to have a clear image of the world and my place in it, but as of late i don't know anymore. i just don't know what i believe in now... def. am progressively getting better, but i just cannot make my mind up on who i want to be and why. everything i held in high-esteem is now being reevaluated and im not sure what i think on anything anymore. more importantly i don't feel for anything anymore. i am devoid of emotion- even anger. I want my anger back...

    i am confused...who am i now? i am at a cross-road of personality of who i was and who i will be. I have a choice on who i want to be, but i don't know anymore. both peoples are flawed and to combine the two would be to mix oil and water. everything they want is different and so is the means they achieve it.

    what would the wise-men say?
  2. Sadeyes

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    How about the wise women, although I am not putting myself out as one...being confused is a good thing; it means you are opening yourself up to possiblities, which is quite brave...if we can sit with dissonance, we truly do get further ahead...hope you gain more clarity soon
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