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Crossdressing? Make-Up?


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To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question.

How many here like me have a desire to wear women's clothing and get pretty? I must be honest that this is something that I have been sneaking to do ever since I was young. My mom used to be a stripper and she had a bag of shoes and all kinds of lingerie.

My feelings were kept on the downlow but eventually my parents put the pieces together, I think. I'm guessing after I was confronted about my sexuality at 16 they may have guessed eventually. My mom did find out last year that I bought a dress on Ebay.

My problem I guess is that I am embarrassed about the way I feel. The world expects me to be masculine and do masculine things. I wasn't interested in that but I feel forced into it. I'm not as thin as I was when I was younger either. I'm also much taller at 6'5'' and weigh 200lbs. I wear a size 13 men's shoe and nobody makes heels that big!! :depressed

I know i don't have the body for it and I guess that depresses me a bit. It isn't a main problem in my life but it does suck. My mom has told me before that I would make for an ugly woman and it did hurt my feelings.

I guess I just have to except the fact that I'm a man. I'll never look half as good as Tootsie. I really can't wear women's clothes and look good, but whatever, even some women look like shit and they don't have a penis.



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I'm female, but I have several male friends who prefer women's clothing - it's really nothing to feel bad about!

First, have a look here for shoes in your size:

There are lots of sites that make shoes like this in your size, depending on what kind of look you're after :)

As for how you look - as you said, there are lots of women who look terrible in clothes designed for their form. You just have to learn how to dress for your shape, as all women would have to. You'll find a style that suits you, but you have to learn to work with your body. Experiment with lots of different clothes.
For example, even though I'm a 120lbs female, I can't wear a lot of strapless tops because I'm too top-heavy and it makes my shoulders look wide! I also have to wear clothes that are tight at the waist or I look chunky, as I'm hourglass.
Obviously its more tricky to identify what will work for you, but it can be done. Don't give up hope, and more importantly, be proud of who you are.

Edit: Adding a few links!




Tips on dressing:





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Thank you so much for the links!! I want to be proud of who I am and be happy but it always feels like the laws of nature are dictating to me how I should be. I hate the world and I hate society in general.

Okay, cooling down... trying not to rant.

I really like that their are shoes out there for me but wow they cost a lot and I can't try them on. I'd hate for them to come and not fit! I guess it's a risk I might have to take, but I remember being ripped off on a male underwear site before. I had $80 in thongs LOL and some of my items were no in stock and they kept like $30. I tried calling the company but it sounded like a Spanish woman in a basement. The website looked legit. :unsure: You just never know with the Internet.

Um... that wasn't meant to be a rant. Sorry, mind is racing right NOW. I am kind of feeling bothered I posted this. I know I don't look feminine and everybody in this world sees what is on the OUTSIDE. They expect me to be someone I'm not and I don't know how to overcome it. I look like a man and I'm hairy I hate bodyhair. I'm just going to shut up now.

Thanks for the support. I pluck my eyebrows and shave sometimes but no matter what I do I will never be a woman. I will never be sensual enough to attract the kind of man I want. Oh wait, I thought I said I was going to shut up LOL


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You don't need to shut up, really, this is the place to rant :P

Maybe you could try registering on a forum specifically aimed at crossdressers? They might have more tips than I do on how to look more feminine - but I'm sure the right clothes and make-up can do wonders.
What kind of make-up do you wear at the moment, if any? I might be able to help with that :)

The only thing I am wondering - are you happy simply as a male who crossdresses, or do you identify as female and wish to eventually move on to surgery? Nothing wrong with either option, just curious :)

There are lots of permenant hair removal options, such as electolysis. It's pretty expensive though! Shaving every day is a massive pain, I hate it, so I epilate or wax so it lasts up to 4 weeks. Have you considered trying that? The more you wax or epilate, the thinner the hair grows back. I used to have quite thick, dark hair on my legs, for example, and now it grows almost clear so it's much less obvious. Shaving makes the hair look thicker because it cuts the end blunt. You could also try hair removal cream, though that doesn't last long.

As for gender stereotypes, I understand that must be awful. But then, I don't feel feminine enough either a lot of the time, and it's the gender I was born to. I don't feel like my chest is large enough, or my legs are thin enough, or my hair is pretty enough - I think a little bit of feeling "out of place" is natural. I know it's easier said than done, but eventually you'll learn to ignore other people's opinions and dress however makes you happy. And I'm a firm believer that there is someone for everyone, so you won't be alone.

Here are some forums you might be interested in :)

Oh and "All Heels for Men" offer exchanges if something doesn't fit.
Janet's Closet says.. "Simply contact Janet for a return authorization number. We will gladly exchange items within 10 days of purchase for another size. Breast forms are not returnable if they had adhesive applied to them. Undergarments are not returnable. Makeup is not returnable. No items that have been worn or soiled or damaged will be returned. We also cannot accept returns/refunds on Halloween costumes or any item that is not being exchanged. "
I'm not sure about clcrv though, sorry!


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Thanks for being understanding. I really try to push this stuff out of my mind and lock it away because it's really not acceptable... I guess I just have to make do with this physical appearance.

The only thing I am wondering - are you happy simply as a male who crossdresses, or do you identify as female and wish to eventually move on to surgery? Nothing wrong with either option, just curious
To tell you the truth I'm kind of a sissy, but I try my hardest to never let it show. I wish that I was born female, but I wasn't. Being attacked and abused for being gay only makes me wish MORE. Fuck I was kicked and stomped because I was gay and it's caused my chronic pain between my legs. My life feels like a curse and all the doctors are doing is prolonging my agony. I was diagnosed with a mood disorder all because I'm willing to take my own like due to their inaction and cruelty. I think they are the crazy ones for billing me when they haven't done anything! Maybe the "crazy people" are the sane ones LOL.

I know I would never be able to afford the surgeries to make me a woman. Even if I did it is so hard for transgendered people to get the help and understanding they need. Besides that, because I'm insecure about my body I got tattoos and that doesn't help me look feminine, but I've thought about getting flowers and butterflies done. I would most likely look ugly as a woman anyway just like my mom said. She's right. I'd be hideous.

I've shaved, waxed, and even used creams like Nair. The earliest I did these hair removals must have been 13/14. I've noticed over the years some of the hair doesn't come in as thick as it did, but it still is thicker than women's hair obviously. I have dark hair as well and my facial hair is tough. Oh, and I'm a smoker so my voice is definitely NOT sexy and I have a big Adam's apple.
There are special companies who make shoes for mens foot sizes. look up the film "kinky boots" its not overtly sexual, its a mainstream film, but deals with cross dressing, and a shoe factory, its quite funny too.
As for being tall and of a 'big' build, (i dont think 200lb for a guy is huge tbh) Thats the draw for cross dressing men, theres a bit of a culture here for drag queens, and there are many people out there, myself included, who find drag queens beautiful. (not sexually attracted to them) but they are fabulous to look at. and i admire them so much.
Dont deny who you are, be honest to yourself, its not wrong, this is harmless and helps you, no one gets dammaged by this. express who you are, and be happy hun, dont hold back :arms: :hug:

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