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  1. LunaShadow

    LunaShadow Active Member

    Goodbye can take many forms. Emotionally, physically...I'm at a crossroads, will be for another while.


    I am breaking.

    I am drowning.

    Yet I still walk on, this path I’ve disgraced.

    To afraid to walk off it, for pain has been too friendly of an ally.

    I’m afraid of myself. I’m afraid for myself, and the damage I can cause, should my restraint slip and fade away completely. Though I stay silent now on those fears that never did fade way completely, it doesn’t mean I’m in full control.
    It doesn’t mean I won’t hurt you, because I know I could,
    Be a burden like I’ve always been,
    And isn’t it time I relieve you of it?

    Isn’t it time I go?
    Isn’t it time I let you be?

    I know I’m slipping,
    I know I’m falling,
    Plummeting towards a bottom all too
    Like Morning Star’s inevitable fall from grace.

    I know who I am,
    I know how this life will end,
    And though it appears far off,
    And it is,
    It is there, waiting…
    Darkness is waiting to take its daughter home
    Shadows for now, accompanying me.

    Right now,
    I walk in fog,
    Wander through the crossroads,
    Through woods that reflect truth back at me,
    With cold yellow eyes.

    Right now,
    I’m writing this goodbye,
    Though I won’t be truly gone until you realize too late,
    That I left, I walked away.
    From you being tainted by me.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh hun you write so well. you describe depression in such a different way but i recoginise it and those yellow eyes hun are just demons from yesterday ok not from now
    shadows accompany you to have a shadow hun there must be light so look for the light ok go towards the light and the shadow will disappear hugs
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Not open for further replies.