Cruelty to animals

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  1. Butterfly

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    I have seen something posted on facebook that has severely p****d me off. Basically a girl I know decided to get a dog when she was pregnant. I think it's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or a dog of a similar breed but whichever breed she got it's classed as a dangerous dog. Not the smartest move when you are just about to have a baby. Now she is posting all over facebook how the dog attacked her baby son and how she wants to splatter its brains out because the RSPCA won't take her dog away from her as it's a dangerous animal. My first thoughts were, why get a dangerous dog when you are going to have a baby and two why haven't you kept the dog away from your son? I am just flabbergasted at some people's stupidity. I hate animal cruelty, and I dread to think what will happen to this poor dog. Sorry for the rant, but this has really angered me. I am in two minds about whether to report her to the RSPCA myself for threatening to kill an animal.
  2. scaryforest

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    omg. seethed a bit. should have also trained the dog. wow, the stupidity of some people. i feel your rage
    i would give a report but won't they put the child first anyway cause flawed system?
  3. Forget2Trust

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    I DESPISE animal cruelty and STUPID people. The mother doesn't even know how to care for her own son. You should definitely report her. She is being very negligent.
  4. gelfling

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    Butterfly, I understand your anger about this. People always want to blame the animal for acting like, well, an animal. There are times when animals are truly dangerous and need to be put down, but usually it is the stupid humans fault that the animal is not behaving properly. Rule number one of the animal guidelines should be to never have an animal be alone with a baby or child. And two, if you are going to get an animal with a reputation for behavioral issues you must train it train it train it and then train it some more. I see people getting animals like these because they want a "macho" or "scary" animal, train it to do stupid stuff and then get mad when it does stupid stuff. We have a pit bull - she has a scary bark, but she has been trained and is a big sweet lap dog. Any animal with teeth has the ability to bite and cause serious injury - we get lulled into complacency when we forget that.
  5. Petal

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    What a stupid girl!!! The mind truly boggles. I'd report her, chances are if you saw it on facebook it has already been reported but i'd do it anyways for the just in case and for the safety of that baby, maybe they could even teach her that you can't have a dangerous dog(without the right safety guards) around anyone let alone a baby.
  6. CD110

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    I don't know the person or the situation but some breeds that are considered 'dangerous' are known to be good with children (Rottweilers, *if raised properly*).
  7. Acy

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    It's not good if the dog attacked anyone. Proper training almost always prevents such things. Overall, the situation is sad - it didn't have to happen that way!

    It really pisses me off as an animal lovers that some people don't seem to think things through when they get pets.
  8. Butterfly

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    I know :( It really upset me to hear someone speak that way about an animal, especially when it's not really their fault. If the girl in question had bothered to train the dog and didn't leave the dog alone with her son then this would have been avoided. Now the poor dog will probably end up being put down and it's really unfair on the dog. It's only a young dog too :(
  9. WildCherry

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    I really don't understand how people can be so clueless sometimes! And I hate animal cruelty... just a few days ago, someone I know saw a person throw 2 puppies out of a moving car window; just hearing someone could be so cruel made me feel sick.
  10. Butterfly

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    That is absolutely disgusting WildCherry. It breaks my heart.