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Crumbling around me!

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Ok so its bad enough that ive lost my ex boyfriend. He was my entire reason for living, my backbone, EVERYTHING!...and now hes gone...and its seems like everything else is crumbling around me...ive started to fight wit parents, my friends arent taking an interest in me n e more...even my best friend of 12 years seems to ignore that i am having a hard time. I kno i can talk to people on here but its not the same. i need someone who is close to me, someone who relaly knows me. Who do i turn to when it feels like no1 is here and no1 understands?....
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I am sorry that you are going through such a crisis. I can sympathise because I was in your exact situation not too long ago. I was cutting more often and I didn't know if I could tell my friends. I started pulling away from them and to me, it seemed like they didn't care.

The one thing I have learned about depression is that it can make you see things that just aren't true. You might be able to tell yourself that people aren't caring about you or that there isn't anyone around that understands, but all you need to do is take your blinders off. There are people there. They just can't see the things going on with you as well as you can.

Brace yourself for better things. They're coming your way.


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Most of us feel that need as well. To have someone close to us of whom we can relate too. I feel it quite often, god what I wouldn't give to be in the prescience of some of the people I meet online. To hear them to see them to touch them smell them, everything I can think of. But I am not and they all know me over the net. That is the best I have, and that is the best I ever will have. So while it may not be 100% satisfying to speak to us. It is still better than being alone.

And not to sound rude or mean. But maybe you should take the time to learn how to support yourself. Maybe everyone is losing an interest in you because you are gloomy all the time now. Maybe instead of seeing what you do not have try and see what you do have. Whether or not we want to we all have something. And while that something may not be able to fill our empty hearts it is still something. Use that something to tide you over until you find your next significant other or friend.
i think the most of what needs to be said has been said but make sure you dont do anything silly. depression is like anyting. if there is a way in there WILL BE a way out. granted even i havnt found the way out yet but keep looking.

you may have lost him but you can move on. i am not saying its gunna be easy. if your friend ignores that you need them then mayeb they need tobe talked to byu you. sit them down and say to them, this is what is going on and this is the help i need.

it may work it may not...

try it xx

take care huni xx
Hey there Helpless.

I see you've gotten a lot of good advice from several replies here and I'm sure there isn't an ounce more I could add but I just wanted you to know I'm here for you :) since you been there for me recently. lol not that I really let you. :hug: I know that losing something that's your reason for living at the time is hard., BEYOND hard.. but that doesn't mean you can't find another reason for living..

Anyways.. just hang in there I guess is what I'm trying to say

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