Crush induced insomnia

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by TWF, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. TWF

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    Sigh.... I recently had my first real crush, and I can't sleep!

    I came back home from uni 2 weekends ago and I met a girl through my cousin, she is a friend of my cousin (school mate). Her name was almost the same as mine (I have the ''male version'' of the name, she has the ''female version''), she was also my ethnicity. She was absolutely beautiful in my eyes, but regardless, I thought I might have a chance with her. I pretty much developed the crush on her when we first shook hands and she introduced herself. Throughout the day we didn't speak an awful lot, I get avoidant and distant when I'm fond of a person but I did do some small talk and polite gestures. Once she left we just said bye and I stopped thinking about her expecting her to forget about me.

    I traveled back to uni, and soon after my cousin came to visit me and he gave me the message that she said hi. I asked him, ''she remembered me?!'' he said yes, and re-iterated that she said hi to me specifically.

    Here's the going crazy part. My crush intensified.... I can't get her out of my head, I keep fantasizing and I want to see her again and make an effort but I'm living away at university so we're 100 miles apart. It's making me insomnic feeling like I'll never get a chance at her but I can't stop thinking about what could be. I haven't slept properly for the past 2 nights, she's on my mind without fail.

    I need advice from experienced people about my feelings. Will it ever pass, if so how do I let it pass? Appreciated.
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    TWF. you need some sleep now.. watch some fooolishness on the tv . or distract yourself with a book or something else you enjoy.. something to distract you so you can get some sleep tonight.. lack of sleep affects everything and got to sleep soon..

    this gal may really want to take this relationhip fufrther... during daylight hours perhaps see what you can do to gently reach out to her in a bit.. email, maybe a phone call soon or some other way.. also try to keep your feet on earth and under yourself.. non with your afterburners on full.

    hope this goes ok for you.. Jim
  3. TWF

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    Thanks for your concern.

    I made a facebook account and I found her profile. She has tons of friends, and her personality is totally different from what I expected. Polar opposite to me, I am introverted, 99% of my ''facebook friends'' are guys and I'm friendless irl. You'd think I'd forget about it, but no, I now can't stop thinking I'm out of her league and I don't feel I'll ever find anyone because of my introvertedness. EVERYONE seems to be bubbly and extroverted. Back to depressive mode. Still can't sleep, it's a combination of problems now...
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    For every extrovert out there there are just as many introverts. You just don't notice them as much because they're rarely ever around! Just like people may not notice you as much because you're the same way inclined. Maybe this girl is out of your reach and maybe she isn't; you'll never know unless you give it a shot. Some extroverts are attracted to introverts and vice versa - opposites attract. You're an introvert and you're attracted to her right? So why can't she be attracted to you too. Just try see if there's anything there until you know for sure it's either a yes or a no, then you can move on. I think it may be the not knowing that keeps you awake at night. The 'if's and 'maybes' of it all. Once you know for sure if you have a chance, you can move on either with or without her.