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    I've started talking to this really sweet person recently and I think I have a crush on them!!! A while ago (like two years ago) I came out to my mum as a lesbian but since then a lot has changed and I've figured out I'm not really a girl at all and the best word to fit my orientation is bisexual but of course I haven't told my mum all of this yet because when I came out to her it was really difficult and she wasn't super accepting (she still isn't tbh). The person I like is nb like me and they're the sweetest person I've been around for a while now but I can't be open about it around my mum and aughhhhhhh. I need some tips on how I could possibly tell them that I like them and if that works how I could manage to date them without my mum knowing.

    I've had a couple of long distance relationships in the past and some close distance? relationships too and my mum has always found out about them. She's really strict and she doesn't let me call my friends or if I do, she wants to know who I've been talking to. I can't skype friends either, I have to rely all on messaging over different apps/social media.
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    Hi there, i'm just curious as to how old you are? I think your mom should put her faith in you and watch you make your own mistakes (if there are some), let you enjoy being young, of course she will be worried though, mom only wants to protect you like any mom would. Maybe ask the girl for her number? That will show your interest for sure. Best of luck.