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    I don't know but I get crushes on people. Sometimes they don't even like me back, they're just my friend. Two of them talk to me on Facebook. One rarely speaks to me and the other one does talk to me. The one who rarely speaks to me is so attractive. He commented on my Facebook picture and he told me that I was looking good in the picture, I got excited almost immediately. He messages me every so often but when he does we have a good conversation going on.

    Now many people think I'm weird but I like guys who are a bit younger than me cause I suffer from PTSD and anytime a older man hits on me or likes me I get creeped out. I refuse to date men my age or even older than me cause I feel like I'm being molested by them.

    The one who rarely speaks to me is 26, he's legal. I've dated men in my past who were his age before. I think I scared him off maybe when I told him he was good looking, he said he was flattered but said, "aren't I little bit too young for you?" The last time he messaged me he wanted to know something about crystals and stones cause I use them for self healing. So we both have the same interest. Since than I haven't heard from him and this kinda makes me sad. I'm so hesitate to message him but I won't cause I don't want to look clingy or needy. I doubt he even read my last message that has to do with crystals and stones. He's so weird and confusing but yet I like him.... I keep lying to myself telling myself I don't like him but I do. Every so often he shares music on my page, hits like on my pictures or something. Feel like this is driving me absolutely nuts. Feel like I should just stop liking him and crushing on him all together. I always crush on people who don't feel the same way about me.

    The other guy that speaks to me however talks to me everyday online, he cares about me, gives me advice cause he knows I suffer with depression. He doesn't know I have BPD however and I won't tell him yet cause I barely know him. Again he's good looking but *sighs* I need to stop crushing on guys online. However there's no guys in my area who I'm even interested in. I did like this one boy but he's acting weird towards me now.

    Now I feel like I'm close to stop crushing on guys cause all it's doing is causing me nothing but pain and misery. :( For once I much rather have someone crush on me or have someone tell me that they like me. I know the simple solution would be to delete them both off my Facebook but I can't do that. I actually care about both of them. And the guy who hardly speaks to me is actually nice to me when he does talk to day he messaged me and said, "Omg I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Please don't think I'm ignoring you." So deep down I know he cares but I doubt it'll ever go further than friendship and knowing this breaks my heart cause I like him soooo much.... :( :(
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    hi there.. i know how you feel.. i always end up liking people who will never like me back ever.. either someone who's taken and in a serious relationship.. or someone who is just simply uninterested.. and only sees me as a friend.. recently a friend i met online became indifferent to me.. and it hurt me so much i even started self-harming again.. to make matters worse.. i was falling for her and all she wants is for us to be friends.. i'm still isn't over her.. i just can't despite her not being as interested to me as i am to her.. but a friend i met here told me that i shouldn't depend my happiness to one person.. and if a person doesn't treat you well.. or is ignoring you.. you're better off without them.. but the pain of losing somebody is just too much sometimes..