Cry Stories. Let's share?

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    Today, I feel like crying. I've been feeling perfectly fine, lately. I'm happy. But I can feel that dark feeling crawling back after such a blissful absence. Definitely not as strong as it has been previously... But, seriously, it's such a hassle to deal with it's random returns. (Slight euphemism). It annoys me. I can feel it coming before it arrives in full force and it feels horrible. That loss of control, powerless and overwhelming. Having to wait it out.
    This crying feeling I've got has kind of just made me think back to other times I've cried. And I've had some horrible cries.

    1. I have cried my way through two airports and an entire flight. In total that's just over 3 hours of crying. Most of the time, I was sitting next to this extremely uncomfortable middle aged man who sat like a statue the entire time.

    2. I've cried during/after getting a fine for not wearing my seatbelt. (I was feeling delicate this day)

    3. I cried for about 20 minutes in one of my lecturer's office. (I was so overtired and I didn't know how to ask for an extension)

    Those are just the ones that sound distinctive. I remember how I felt and it was terrible. The worst cries were the private ones, though. The time I spent two days crying myself to sleep over and over again in my bedroom, pretending that I had gotten something contagious so my flatmate wouldn't question me too much. Or that time I wrote a suicide letter for my dad and I had to keep stopping because I couldn't see through my tears and couldn't write through my shaking. Or all those times I lay still in bed, warm under the covers facing the wall with slow silent tears slipping down my face. No major emotional torment behind my crying. Just a fathomless hopelessness, a hole that I couldn't ever imagine being filled.

    I don't know if it'd help. It might not. But I want to hear about it anyway. I'd like to start a conversation about it. Anyone want to share any of their cry stories/feelings?
  2. SillyOldBear

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    I haven't had a good cry in years. Sometimes I think I have become too jaded to cry. I just get angry instead. But, for what its worth, I don't think there is anything wrong with a good cry.
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    The last time I really cried was at two funeral one for a murdered friend and another one was at my grandmothers.
  4. DrownedFishOnFire

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    And the process of putting my dog to sleep along with the process after just dried me up by now back in March
  5. silis

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    i cry whenever someone confronts me. like when my boss started getting angry at me, or when a customer got upset about the price of item. people are so rude. wish i could meet just a single nice person. someone with understanding.
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  6. Lmxoxo

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    I totally get you! I work in retail as well, and people can be so horrible, right? They take it so personally. I don't cry when it happens, but my eyes definitely start to get glossy and teary.
  7. neko-chan

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    i cry whenever i try to pretend that i'm ok while chatting with my friends.. i'm just thankful that they can't see me.. i guess.. it's easier to just pretend you're ok.. than explain why you're not.. and go through the grueling process of them asking lots of questions..
  8. Petal

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    I cried yesterday because my sister told me to never attemot to ciontact her again that was after i said i was sorry and after i told her i loved her :(