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crying for help

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What has happened with some of you when you have been around friends or family and have brought up the subject of death, or escape, or not being around much longer, etc?

I have pictured three possible outcomes:

1. They laugh at me and/or say that's not a funny thing to talk about, and blow it off.

2. They are totally weirded out and leave me alone until I actually do it.

3. They corner me, hold me down, and have me taken to the hospital, where I have no way I can pay the bill, and will likely lose my job in the process.

Who has done mentioned their thoughts to others, and what has happened? Was it what you really wanted? That is, did anyone you tell treat it as a cry for help if that's what it was?

Truth be told...if it isn't already obvious...I'd like to cry for help but I'm afraid of what will happen if I do. I fear my stock will plummet, shall we put it. I am already a horrible person, and this would take the last little bit of respect and dignity that I have left.


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Have never told family jack shit about how I'm feeling...let's just not go there.

However, did open up to a friend..GULP...to find out she had been going thru some terrible shit a while back and hadnt told a soul. Big guilt trip (on my part) for not being there for her..but she was amazing. I truly believe she got me thru a point where I was very suicidal, she definetly got me past the crisis point.

Find the one person you feel you can trust, they may surprise you.
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