Crying on my pillow

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    In a moment of weakness I told a loved one I was so tired of having a wet pillow... I wake up crying and fall asleep crying. I really do get sick and tired of my pillow case being wet on both sides. I go through tissues like crazy but just give up, especially in the morning when I try to go back to sleep ... He suggested I use a towel... Arggggggggg really???

    Am I the only one with this problem?
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    I am sorry, it sounds like your friend just does not understand what you are going through and, I really do not like saying this, but that comment about using a towel seemed a little inconsiderate.

    I do not know your story, but you do seem to have a lot of issues going on and a never-ending battle inside your mind, which is evident from crying yourself to sleep each night and waking up to tears... Have you thought of searching for a therapist or or talking with someone from the mental health department about what you are going through? maybe they will be able to help, or prescribe you some medicine that would help you control your emotions so that you do not always find yourself crying and feeling so depressed all the time.

    (big hugs) If ever you want to share what is on your mind, send me a PM any time of the day or night; I am on-line quite a bit (probably more than most people) so you can be guaranteed that I will always reply as soon as I can to try and help you through things.
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    I honestly don't have this issue but I can sympathize with you. You must be going through so much, just please never give up on yourself no matter whay. You are important and do matter. hugs fr you x