crying on the inside

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    I hurt all over tonite - all i wanna do is cry - seems like thats all i wanna do lately - its getting closer and closer to june and i hate that month - i dont know what im gonna do when june 23 comes around am i gonna be worse? I dont wanna even think about it......I'm still SI myself -- on my hands, in my mouth, cutting places that wont show scars -- i dont kno what i wrong with me -- i kno all this stuff bout my mom is bothering me but its something much deeper than that, at least i think....i thought for sure yesterday i was gonna get some real help but i started crying even before i got to the place -- im always crying maybe not on the outside but constantly on the inside -- but my grandparents still dont know -- like now i hold all my emotions etc in till they go to bed then i cry or if im out in the car ill pullover and cry cuz i cant have anyone from school see me -- y u might ask well it would cause big trouble (long story) - feel like garbage, that must be what i am cuz ppl are avoiding me like the plague or something!!!!!!!:mad:
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    You need to find someone you trust or are comfortable with and have a real good cry on the outside. Then please see your doctor and tell him/her exactly what you said here. There is help out there for you. You aren't garbage, just someone carrying a lot of it around with you. Please take that first step to helping yourself by calling to make an appointment with your doc. You always have here to post how you feel and the members to try and help you through it. Good luck hun.