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    Well here i am again crying again...

    i came online here to try and help others after spending some time with just me nature and with you God and i get online here and already told i am using again and that now i am annoying...

    Gosh if i am that way here what the heck does everyone else around me see me as??

    I cant die fast enough for you all now can i?

    I cant stop these tears tonight... i did not need to hear that ... i just did not need to hear that..

    why me? why hurt me like that?

    i have feelings you know? i have a hurt that goes deeper then anybody has or could ever know. you dont have my feelings nor do you know my hurt..

    i wasnt mean back to you or anyone tonight and yet i get hurt.. i get told im annoying.. God i dont need this kind of hurt in my life , not rifght now.. i just dont need it..

    God take me away... please just take me away tonight.. Take me home with you.. Take me away from all this pain... God please just come and get me please??? Jesus please just take me home.. i have had enough... I have had enough hurt and dont want it anymore..

    I was fine.. i was just fine and felt okay and wanted to try and help ease others hurt but now i got this dang pain.. these dang old feelings are coming back and i dont need then too.. i dont need this pain..

    Jesus please just take me home tonight.. please ?? please come and get me please??? I cant help others here.. i cant do nothing right...

    there mad... they are mad i did not die , oh GOD please just go on and take me... i know i almost doied yesterday.. i felt my body giving way when i got weak.. i felt the pull when i almost fainted, why didnt you go ahead and take me? God why?/ please just take me home... Take me away from this pain please God please just take me home please?

    they wont be satisfied until im dead so please just take me tonight please???
    They got mad because i came back, mad cause im still alive.. i know i almost died.. i felt it so please take me.. take me home to heaven with you please God please..

    This world is so full of pain and so full of heartache.. why keep me here?? im begging you just take me home... i cant make the peace with the daltons and i have tried and you know that so please just take me home to heaven... Please im ready to go home now.. i am ready to go home... i felt your pull yesterday.. i know my time is near so please just take me , just take me tonight , oh GOD , just take me home.. i cant do this anymore.. i cant.. please take me home...

    I gave them time to help me ease my mind and i have already given up and gave it over to you and im begging you please take me home, please just take me if you be your will Jesus.. please let it be your will... you say what ever anyone says and believes it shall be given them, well i have come back to you and i want to go home to heaven now... please just take me home to heaven , PLEASE GOD..PLEASE???