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I don't know if e-hugs are your thing, but that's all I could come up with. Sowwy. :C If you want to talk about more of what's going on and let it out, feel free to post on SF or private message people(s).


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this is the best time of your life!

as being a kid myself i do not understadn what the connection to kids is,

but to have to help fix their messes would make me crazy! i would never want to be my parent, if i had kids i would enjoy the day i get the house to myself!

i would be able to plant a garden without havign to worry about the kids picking my flowers

i would be able to buy fancy cermanic dishes :) and not have to worry abotu them breaking!

i would be able to spend all my money on myself! i would be able to buy cute girls at the bar drinks :) i would be able to go cycling longer without worry of needing to return home in the week,

but maybe the bond with children is strong, i hope they have some anti bonding drug when i get older so i never worry about my children once they are out of the house,
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