crystal cased snow white *may trigger*

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by danni, Apr 19, 2008.

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    i don't know it this belongs here but i wrote this song a couple months ago..

    Why don't we drive into the endless sea?
    Drive deep to your self inflicted misery-
    see that you are not apart of me!

    (chorus 1)

    You're like a crystal-cased snow white!
    The energy around you is locked from light not amplified-
    And I know your prince charming not strong enough to "french" you back to life.

    Now that you know who you are, do you finally know who I am? Imaginary figment implanted in your mind.

    open your eyes...

    Sanguine red apples, the fruit of these pale eyes-
    To damned blind to realize all the fly, my crystal-cased bride, feed the serpent's drive!

    (chorus 2)

    You're like a crystal-cased snow white!
    You're not hypnotized, just to scared to want to realize.
    And I know your prince charming not good enough to free your mind!

    He started from toes, slithered up your thighs. From there went up to your chest, salivaized-
    not satisfied...

    caressing your lip with his rough finger-tips, wet **** not feeling very civilized and wanting to cry for her lost mind-

    The people around you who seen so small are only trying to help you. To save you from your lies, to see straight though your eyes, to free you from this hell- And as i gaze into my mirrored alibi's eyes sadness wakes-

    crumbing you into home bred fate!
    Whispers around me yell "be patient or calm your self!"
    God forbid that your shell does break!
    Don't know how much more you can take.

    As maleficent as can be.
    Gazing of there's self-denying tragedy...
    You can't sleep forever pyro-queen!

    (chorus 3)

    Eve's a deocate by thrice!
    Adam only goes where you let him roam right?
    And god only knows that us own love's not yet strong enough.
    To save your own damned life!

    crystal-cased snow white...
    crystal-cased snow white?!
    crystal-cased snow white-

    wake before you die (suffocate)
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