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    As foreplay?
    Saw the ex lasnite and I was in a mess woke up n he was sat in my room lol
    Anyways we have a hot and cold thing goin on its so uncertain which frustrates me which makes me horny for him

    Was a mess lasnite in my pjamas makeup smudged mess n he was cuddling me from behind in bed it was really arousing for me but I laid like a corpse cos he hurt me the other week n I've lost any bit of sexual confidence I ever had

    Ahh I don't understand him the other week he was sayin how we've grown apart n he needs to move on then lasnite all cuddly why? I don't get it

    I was a mess but the other week I'd made an effort n looked better hmmm any help wud be good
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    Do you want the skinny on male emotional mentality?

    Here goes.

    Due to not being able to be seriously known as sluts,men are immersed in a culture where they are constantly being goaded 24/7 to put it in there or put it about over there,shag this shag that and when you are finally worn out from all the exertion find a nice woman to cook for you and have your babies while you learn to play guitar and come to appreciate your father more.
    This coupled with the overwhelming raft of anthropological BS comparing modern mans bed habits with primitive human sexual functioning and even worse,monkey harems,blokes are being mentally harassed with the expectation to behave like a bare arsed shagging monkey until they are tame enough to start taking out insurance on things.

    Men who want to cuddle,give themselves over completely to monogamous intimacy are made by the modern media to feel like an erection waster who will one day end up having flaccid old age regrets about all the different flavours of lady action they missed out on.

    Maybe your man is fighting a battle with expectation,maybe he is sensitive enough to just want to spoon with one instead of aspiring to bang the women of the world.
    Men who want closeness and faithfulness are made to feel like three legged mules,it is not cool to want to be a faithful stallion in today's messed up world.

    Ask him if he wants to be a one woman Tiger?do you want to be his Tigress?
    Let him know if you do,and let him know that this will not make him lame in any area.

    You know how the myth goes,once a woman gets your loyalty then she has you by the balls/the wallet/the pre nup,etc blah blah......
    Maybe this is his fear,maybe he has come to believe this crap?
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    Ok I understand, you want a wet blanket WIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!