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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Miss Invisible, Apr 28, 2015.

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    The will to live battles the will to surrender to death. This I fight every day. Have you ever tried to block a Memory(s). I have. It's relentless scaly fingertips scrap at my mind. No matter how many psychotropic or sessions to release this unwanted guest, he remains. And in your darkest hours, hours of self doubt, reluctany, and fear..these thoughts/memories, & failures plague me. There's no "do over" in life, feelings imprint on us forever. I struggle with awesome days where the sun couldn't be brighter upon me, but there's always a downpour headed my way. Life is not a bouquet of roses, it relies on the dark, black earth & sun to raise it to its ultimate perfection.
    My moral, is that no matter where you start there is goodness IN you. Cultivate that with the proper nutrients & sunlight (love) and the weeds of yesterday will have no choice than to die out or find a new host. Don't give up on in your inner was designed beautifully, just for you.
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    Thanks for posting this.
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