Cured? ECT?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by AlexiMarie7, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. AlexiMarie7

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    Does anyone here consider themselves to be cured from depression? I ask because I am starting to think that in some cases it is just chronic and you just suffer through the cycles and hope you make it out alive each time.

    If you are, can you say how long you have been depression-free and what worked for you and what worked the most/best?

    Also has anyone tried ECT? I've been reading up on it and I am very interested in trying the future. It seem safe and effective, and with perhaps even less side effects than medication.
  2. sofie

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    My depression will never be "cured" -- I have depression from both PTSD and Seasonal Affective Disorder so it is a life of managing my symptoms. It does sometimes feel like it is a battle that never ends but then I have to remind myself that there have been and will later be long periods of time where I do not battle the depression as much as I am having to battle it right is hard.

    I have not had ECT -- my psychiatrist would not consider it for me in the past and I am not interested in it now. When I was in-patient fifteen years ago, I did see patients return from ECT treatments and they always seemed unlike themselves.....the whole idea frightens me, to be honest.
  3. AlexiMarie7

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    Thanks for your reply. I guess we're in this for the long haul..

    Thanks for sharing your perception of those who have had treatment. I used to be apprehensive about it along those same lines, but from my reading I got quite appeased and actually feel less scared of it than of meds. It isn't offered where I am anyway, so it's a bit moot at the moment but it is something I want to explore in future if available. I think it may have progressed in the last fifteen years--I think it's available somewhat outpatient too possibly.

    I got intrigued first from a doctor who did a TED Talk saying that it saved his life years ago.
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    I have had several series of ECTs and for me it did wonders but wears off after 6ish months and I feel as though I crash hard when it wears off...
  5. GamerJon

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    Also the side effects cal be irritating of memory loss but its manageable
  6. AlexiMarie7

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    Do you feel you go back lower than you were before? Or is it more that you got back to such a high ('normalcy') that it feels harder? Can you feel the crash coming or it is more suddenly you are back there?

    Thanks much for replying.
  7. AlexiMarie7

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    This of course is the main side effect and cause for concern. Was it your short term memory that was affected? For how long? Has any of it returned or are some memories just wiped out for you? Did you have the....I've forgotten the accurate description but the treatment on both sides of your head or just one?
  8. GamerJon

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    Both sides so bi lateral and it comes back its just short term almost like a fog
  9. GamerJon

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    I feel the crash coming and know its gonna get rough