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Curiosity about certain dreams

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Growing Pains

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I'm a writer... and by that I mean that I write a lot (and would like to be published one day). Last night, I had the oddest dream. In the dream, I was becoming one of my characters. I don't recall noticing it right away, but toward the end of the dream, I looked in the mirror and had his shade of blonde hair, his shade of blue eyes, and my hair was even as "sloppy" as his is often described to be. The oddest thing about the dream was that the "change" didn't scare me in the slightest. If anything, it was... comforting? Yeah, comforting. It's not the first time I've had such dreams. The first one I can recall so vividly that wasn't a nightmare, though... I guess what I'm wondering is how common it is for writers to have such dreams? I suppose it makes sense, since when we write so much, our characters become a big part of our lives. But have any other writers here had dreams of actually becoming/being one of their characters? I can't stop thinking about the dream. Especially how I almost felt comforted at the idea of being him. :unsure: I wonder if, perhaps, there could be a reason for that?
I can't speak from an experience, here, but I wonder if the dream experience might have been comforting to you because of how that character is portrayed in your stories. Is he a protagonist of sorts, or at least a relatively "good" guy? Maybe he's someone you'd like to see yourself as--someone successful or secure. Alternatively, maybe it was comforting because you somehow recognized that this was a character and that you as a writer are fully in control of that character's world. Maybe it gave you a sense that you had control over everything that happened to yourself as the character.

Everything I just said might all be hooey, too, but those are my musings on the matter anyway.

Growing Pains

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I don't think it's all hooey. A lot of it actually makes sense. Like the fact that maybe it gave me a sense of control, since I control what happens to him when I write. He's definitely not a very secure character, but he is a relatively "good" guy. A protagonist. So, since he's the "good guy" it would make sense that in those kinds of dreams, I would take on his persona. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't even thought of it that way. :)


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I'm not so much into characters as I am the telling of a story - I mean, for me a character is almost just coincidental to events - and maybe that's a weakness as few books have success without memorable characters.

I guess my main writing has always been the rebel making a stand kind of story - always a man as I cannot imagine being a woman - some things are just too mysterious and off the beaten track.

As for dreams - I guess that happens for me. I'll dream of some chase type sequence, and it's me in the sense that I'm seeing myself both through my own eyes in the dream and also through that of others. Like I can connect to see what others are seeing - maybe an ability I have in the sense that I'm usually good at knowing what people are thinking.

Apart from women.

I also never have dreams of any sexual nature. This is something Freud would have had a go at me for - it makes me something or the other - repressed, although I don't feel repressed in the least - or would not if I had the chance at least. But that's another thread and we won't go into that just yet.

So, in my estimation - any writer is obviously going to use dreams as a kind of practice run for ideas we have. Becoming a character is natural - I'm sure the 'hero' or anti- hero in any story we write is based on a part of us or who we would like to be.

That said - it is in other people who I find inspiration. You have to meet real people - be around them and know them to maybe write about certain aspects of society. I guess you write about that which you know - which limits your book to a certain geography, language and beliefs.

You are said to be limited by age but many of the great renowned poets in England were quite young when they died and pretty much youth when they wrote some of the poems still used today and taught by elderly people who might have the language of the great poet but obviously not the passion or the fortunate good luck to be published at a young age.

Enjoy your writing as ever.

And good luck.

Growing Pains

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I must admit, sometimes I get a bit too into the characters. I feel that my stories often stem from that, though, so I'm not sure if I should see it as a strength or a weakness.

In a way, I suppose many of my dreams are similar to that. I'm not sure why mine are, personally. I've never spent too much time thinking about it but it definitely is curious.

My characters, though, I would say are definitely extensions of myself. There are some that I see more of myself in them than others. I would say that this particular character is one of them. The more I write him lately, the more I notice that. I guess my weakness, though, is that I don't meet enough real people. I find inspiration in other people, too, but I don't think I meet enough of them, really. You definitely do write what you know, though. That's, also, something I've learned in the past year or so.

I definitely will and thank you.

(ps Freud would have a go at me, too. I never have dreams of any sexual nature, either)
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