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    We now have several different design themes and layout for SF. You can easily switch between themes and use whichever you prefer or is most comfortable for you. Of particular note is the Vbulletin theme for any that miss the old look of the forum. Also, some people find some themes may have better performance than others on their particular method of accessing the site. After today, the default theme and the theme new visitors or unregistered guests will view will be the Rekt Style. You can easily switch back to the Xenforo or even vbulletin styles.

    In the lower left hand corner of all styles it identifies the style you are using and by clicking allows you to select a new style. Once you select a style, you will view that style anytime you log in until you change or select a different one.

    The images below help identify where to click to change styles and the pop up from some styles used when changing themes.

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    Above is the new default style that will be shown to all visitors/ guests that are not logged in.

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    The Suicide Forum support community shown above is not a full theme, but rather just a set of customizations

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    Shown above is the Vbulletin- simialar to our platform prior to 28 August, 2015

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    While it says default here, above is the Xenforo platform that SF was moved onto to allow the upgrades and the one that will always be available because it is the actual platform SF is built on, where as all the others are just "skins" or themes that slightly alter appearance and layout..

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    Above is the pop-up box used to select styles that appears when you click the them name in the lower left corner of the forum.
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    I prefer the default style the best, it looks more modern and up to date but they all look great. Thanks for all the behind the scenes work, i say thanks a lot but I really mean it. Amazing how great you all are, SF is lucky to have such great members and staff.