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    Cut up, drugged up and here I lie
    I don't care for my life and if I die
    My final breath one final sigh
    A huff and a puff as I try
    To turn from temptation but I keep falling into sin
    If I didn't know better I'd say where I had been
    Was truly hell. Their piercing eyes
    And tongues of fire filled with burning lies
    As I watch them all appear I cry
    The cool tears smooth against the coal that is my skin
    They say before you die
    Your life flashes before your eyes
    Did I really do that, why didn't I take the chance
    Why is this puzzle incomplete, why don't the pieces fit?
    It's time to turn my back around but will you stab it
    So much torment I'm starting to feel sick
    Was this emotion always here or did I just decide
    To put aside my fear and admit, submit to the ever lasting truth
    They say to cut every weed at it's roots
    And that's what I'm doing lying here
    Cut up, drugged up without a fear
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.