Cute things....

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  1. Tearsarescary

    Tearsarescary New Member

    Their TERRIFY me. To DEATH....they......waaahh

    Post and i'll explain better...*sigh* It hurts too much...

    I've been needing serious help with this issue for years now and I need serious help with it. Help coping with cute things, their effects on the human brain, ext ext....and the meanings to my terrifying attachments to all things cute that i'm afraid will kill me one day in some way, possably my whole soul...

    HELP! *sigh* I need to cry really badly now...thank you...for helping me relize it's...okay.......
  2. TWF

    TWF Well-Known Member

    Why would they?....
  3. Tearsarescary

    Tearsarescary New Member

    I hear liking 'cute' things makes people NEED others more or something....although I found a solution to that; when I leave my home, i'm gonna pretend i'm an old lady. And find my way into a senior citizon home, somehow....

    I also heard 'disliking' cute things fills poeple with...a lot of....hate.....*sigh*

    It's okay...i'll just sign up to live with old people one day....:cake::donut:

    I guess.:ghost::mellow: :confused:
  4. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member


    so... cute things make some people unhappy?
    >< I've been trying so hard to project the image of a 'cute' person because I figured it wouldn't make anyone hate me!!
    As usual- I'm doing things all wrong! >< I guess there's no way that I could make sure that no one hates the sight of me... and that's why I hate being in public.