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  1. Alright, so honestly I found this site while looking for suicide methods amongst other things, so I really don't know what to say or do on here, but I'm here... I am 24 years old and am also very private with things because it hurts to think about my life and the more I just avoid it, the better. I have planned out my suicide already, just don't have a date or time picked yet, so as of right now I am still just going on with my life like normal and pretending to be happy and caring. When in reality, all I have to look forward to is taking my last breath. Soooo yeah, I guess thats kind of an introduction.
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    Hi Cutthepainaway i started a new post in welcome forum for you alone ok so it does not get tangled in with the other members introduction post

    It is very hard to keep that mask of normality on hun when you are suffering There is no need to fight the depression alone not when there is support ok People here will listen and not judge you I do hope though when you are ready you reach out in real life for professional help as well welcome to sf
  3. Sorry I posted in the wrong spot.
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    Howdy there and welcome.
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    hello and glad you found us for sharing thoughts
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