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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by meagainstme, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    i just spent ages looking at this website full of photographs that people have posted of their own cuts.

    first off. i never used to get triggared by images/words etc but i have such a craving for cutting lately. ive been trying so hard not to cut deep and have only done a few little cuts. but yeh. dont know what drew me to these sites, but i couldnt stop myself. it makes me feel weird inside. like excited [not in a sexual way]

    i also find myself competing with these images. like saying ''oh i can cut deeper than that!'' this has never been in my mind before. i always thought the fact that the person cut in the first place showed they were troubled, not how deep the cut is. wtf has happened to me. my cutting has come so far...too far. i want to cut deep. yet at the same time i dont. the only thing stopping me is that i ended up in a&e and hated it. them hospital staff are useless with self harm patients!!

    i wish they didnt have them sites on the internet. or maybe i wish i had the will power not to look, or to control my mind.

    whats your view on these sites?
  2. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I think it's irresponsible to post pictures of your cuts in that way. Have you tried looking up stories about people who have overcome cutting? Maybe if you could look up more positive things like that it would satisfy your morbid curiosity a bit while helping you to stop harming yourself...I dunno, just a suggestion.
  3. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member


    i dont want to stop really. im not ready/ im just sayin these sites cud potentially be very dangerous to ppl who are triggered and wanted others peoples vies on them, not really advice for me
  4. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I wasn't insulting you by saying it was morbid...I was speaking in terms of the definition of the word itself:

    1. Psychologically unhealthy or unwholesome: "He suffered much from a morbid acuteness of the senses" Edgar Allan Poe.
    2. Characterized by preoccupation with unwholesome thoughts or feelings: read the account of the murder with a morbid interest.
    3. Gruesome; grisly.

    Anyway, since you say you don't want to stop, well, there's not much I can say about that. But yes, I do think it is irresponsible for people to post pictures like that because it can encourage others to harm themselves.

    Sorry if you thought I was being rude, and I hope you get better :(
  5. "A morbid curiosity is a compulsion, fixed with excitement and fear, to know about macabre topics, such as death and horrible violence"

    ^^^ from Wikipedia

    "morbid curiosity" is a real term, I don't think you were being called morbid

    That being said, I sometimes like to look at pictures of self-injuries, too. But I agree that it's irresponsible to photograph your own injuries and display them.
  6. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Thanks kitten, that's what I was getting at :)
  7. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    ah sorry i snapped about the morbid thing. i jst get paranoid about people judging me.

  8. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Aww no problem...sorry it came off that way :hug:
  9. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    hmmm lookin at that site again... someone slap me?
  10. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member


    :hug: Hang in there, x
  11. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    lol thankyou
  12. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Always welcome :tongue:.

    Ever want to chat then feel free to PM me :hug:

    ~Nobody~ x

    PS. I love your photography, I've been meaning to say so for ages :smile:.
  13. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    thankyou :) when/where did you see my photography?
  14. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Back when you had a link in your profile. :smile:

    I didn't dream it, did I?
  15. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    ah yes i remember lol

    nah u didnt dream it :hug:
  16. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Oh good. For a second I was worried!

    I'd love to look through again, actually, if you wouldn't mind PMing me a link sometime. :smile:
  17. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    I'm sure I know which website you're talking about as I sometimes go on it myself. It's weird because you do tend to compare cuts/scars/burns. Anyway, I find it extremely triggering and 99% of the time I end up self harming. Please avoid it if you can :hug:
  18. I agree. It's sad, but sometimes I'll be in a bad enough mood that I'll look at the pics just to trigger myself into that mode. I do it on purpose. Sad, isn't it? But now I have to find a different place to start my SI cause my bf said if he sees any more cuts, he's gonna do it to himself. :(
  19. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    beginning with P?

    i look it at even though im not in a mood to cut. but it feels so right to me. something is comforting about looking at it. and yes, compare to my own experiences.

    my mind is so sick. the deeper the cut, the more it makes me feel. argh.
  20. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    You're not sick, you're just a self harmer like a lot of the rest of us. That's just the way it goes. :hug:

    Try to avoid the site if you find it triggers you. But then I'm hardly one to talk!

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