Cutting is like any other addiction

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by reborn1961, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. reborn1961

    reborn1961 Guest

    I know I have a addictive personality. I have had trouble with drinking and pills. I also feel addicted to cutting. I have not cut in about 2 weeks. I am now living with other people vs alone thus cutting is much harder. I used to cut on my arms but have moved to my legs and stomach so I don't get caught. I know it is wrong and not healthy but when the urge overcomes me it is like I can't stop myself.

    I have tried past therapy for it but it never sticks long. I have also tried the ice and rubber band stuff. This is dangerous as if I do get caught I will be tossed in the hospital since I have past suicide attempts. I need to find a way to stop. If anyone has any new ideas I would love to hear them. They have AA for drinking, NA for drugs, why not a SIA for cutting. Thanks and to all that also suffer from this, I wish you the best. Take care.
  2. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    i myself am also addicted to cutting. so your not alone in feeling like this.

    there are many alternatives to cutting you could try..

    theres using ice cubes, using elastic bands, drawing red lines on yourself etc...

    you could try a few and see what works for you?
  3. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Hey reborn. I've been searching the net for some self harm groups. I know they exist but seeing as you haven't got your location in your profile I couldn't come up with much. If you live in the UK, you could contact the National Self Harm Network (NSHN), they have an address you can write to and an e-mail address if you'd like to drop them an e-mail. They may be able to provide you with details concerning self harm groups or drop in centres. On this page they also give addresses etc of other organisations that could help, too.

    If you don't live in the UK you can have a look on Google to see what you can find. If you want any help feel free to PM me or post here letting me know what country you live in and area if you feel comfortable enough and I'd be happy to try and find some groups for you. But of course, that's up to you.

    I would suggest you see your doctor if you feel comfortable enough with the issue, but I'm guessing from your first post you have gone down that route already.

    You can beat self harm on your own. It takes a lot and I know it is hard to beat but it is possible. There's a sticky topic at the top of this forum with a list of things you can do when you feel an urge to cut. Have you checked that topic out?

    Take care of yourself.
  4. reborn1961

    reborn1961 Guest

    Thank you for the responses. I am in the USA and have tried google to search for help. I am concerned as my mind focus on suicide so much that it would be easy to combine the two. Doctors just tell you to stop it, as does most people. I mean come on, if I could stop it I would. And you can't talk to any professional here in person or by phone as the moment they know you cut, you are hauled off to the local hospital.

    There are so many nice things to get addicted to like jugging, cooking, walks. Why did my life go down the dark side. How can we really live with our addictions?
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