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Cutting People Out

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I've managed to alienate most of the personal relationships in my life, including most of my family. My Facebook profile will be the next to go. I am hesitant to close the FB account though because most of my musical contacts are there, though I've really done nothing with my music for the better part of a year. My CD project is all but abandoned, I haven't touched a guitar in I don't know how long.........

I'm not sure why I posted this or what if anything it means. I do know I've been thinking about the end a lot more lately and I believe that terminating personal relationships is related to addiction or suicide or something. I'm not even sure.

Pardon my rambling. I know I'm not making a lot of sense. I just needed to vent I think........

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You are making a lot os sense hun Sound like you have hit the bottom of depression hun Time to get some help okay get your meds changed get therapy go to hospital get some help okay hun. You can have all those things back you loved hun with help and medication it can happen Please know that hugs


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I'm not on meds. I have been, but they never seemed to help. On the meds I still feel like crap, I just don't care that I feel like crap. :(
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