Cutting: what it is and what you can do about it.

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    Cutting is something teens and adults do that relieves pain but what you don't realize is that it causes more pain and emotional scars and long term effects, and it can also become a disease, see below.

    There are other ways to cope with difficulties in life, even big problems and terrible emotional pain. Their are many professionals out there in the world that can help you and many common people that can also help you in your greatest time of need. Getting plenty of exercise can also help put problems can help balance your mentions and prevent the feeling of needing to cut.

    The thing with cutting is although cutting may provide some temporary relief from a terrible feeling, the relief doesn't last. The troubles that triggered the cutting remain and it is just a way to mask it over.

    You can also hurt yourself more by cutting if you cut deeper or cut the wrong thing in your arm, leg, etc. You could even die from something like this. If you cut wrong. it can be damaging tendons and potentially cripple your hand. The visual effects of the cuts could inflict pain on the people you love such as friends and family.

    Cutting can also be a bad habit which is a form of compulsive behavior which means if they do it, they will want to continue to do it and cause more self mutilation and damage your body even more. Its can be a addiction, same as drugs, one that is impossible to quit without the right guidance and help. Something you think you have control of because you are in command of the tool using to cut you can control you.

    Ways to help stop cutting and dealing with it:

    * Ask yourself, why do I cut? What are my reasons, how can I get help with these problems.

    * Tell someone. First step to recover is telling someone. You need to talk to someone about this. You are not alone and someone needs to know about this so they can help you or help you seek help. Select someone you can open up too about your troubles and about the cutting. Do not be afraid to pour your soul into this person, it will not come back and bite you.

    * Seek help from a professional. Visit your guidance officer at your school, your local hospital, the mental health clinic, your doctor or someone else in the Medicine, Therapy career. These people are trained in these fields and can help you on the way to quitting cutting and can help you cope and work on solutions.

    * Talk to someone whenever you have the urge to cut. When you feel like cutting yourself, find someone to confide in so you can keep your thoughts away from the cutting urge and get some help.

    * Express your emotions. There are many non self mutilation ways to express your emotions, such as singing, dancing, drawing, painting, writing.

    * Think about love. Would you want this to happen to someone else? Why would you do it to yourself when you wouldn't wish it on someone else. You are not the enemy, you are not alone and don't let people judge you.

    What Is Not Helpful and what can make it worse (For Friends and Family)

    * Ordering them to stop it.

    * Watching them.

    * Taking away their privacy. (Taking the door off of their room, etc.)

    * Taking away their razors and all sharp objects.

    * Rejecting that part of them. Not accepting their behavior.

    * Threatening them - such as with being sent to the hospital.

    * Making them feel even more abnormal by saying things like, "You need help. You are sick. That is not normal."
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